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Awe and Wonder Writing Club
Ranked 9.0

I trudged out of our hunk of a car and into the arena. I chuckled. An old, dirty, silver bomb was hardly fitting for the family's resident princess. As Lily stepped out of her booster seat delicately in her Barbie pin...

The calling for wonder and awe Writing Club Course package
by Shiraz
Ranked 8.83

I peered into the ocean, stilling on the peer. A jolt of excitement slithered through me as I investigated the waters from above. The cool tempting waters that rippled, the serene in accordance motion of the water sur...

Wonderland Writing Club Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.33

I was sleeping in my soft comfortable bed when a bright light filled my bedroom. The next thing I knew I was in another place. Icy round particles fell around me making a thin layer of crystal white snow. Every tree i...

The mountain Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 8.16

John’s back was wet with sweat as he scaled the tall mountain. Various forms of life surrounded him, from majestic trees to colourful birds. John grunted as he hurled himself up a tall ledge. John was thinking of the ...

Anna’s first strawberry plant
by shion
Ranked 8.01

The greenhouse is empty and bare with only old empty plant pots and cobwebs that hang from the moss streaked glass ceiling. Little Anna bounces in with a strawberry seed packet, her dad fully dressed in garden outfit ...

Awe and Wonder Writing Club
by David Toluwade
Ranked 7.33

Gabriel stood wonderstruck by the burst of colours that were illuminating the Christmas tree that he had just finished setting up. There were a myriad of colours spread out across the tree, all flashing in synchronisa...

The Unexpected Escape
by Neth
Ranked 7.41

The chilling woods near Bill's house was as quite and mundane as ever. His family and he had moved in recently, and Bill was finding different ways to occupy himself. The landscape was poorly maintained, and nothing c...

Sample essay for QUESTION 20 - Awe and Wonder. by LEWISCARROLL1 Writing Club Course package
by Sayori
Ranked 7.0

Nicole plodded up the rocky terrain. With each step she seemed to tremble with agony but her face remained hopeful with determination. She watched the ground beneath her shrink in comparison to the mountain overhead e...

Awe and Wonder Course package
by Kyu
Ranked 7.16

The wind entered through the windows as the curtains danced midair. The scent of cinnamon and vanilla filled the cottage. The steady music of rain pattering sang through my ears. My mind flashed through the happiest a...

Writing Club
by Moss Cowcher
Ranked 6.83

Tom goes o holiday with family does not expect to enjoy is surprised and amazed Enjoys himself Tom grumbled as he stepped off the plane. His complaints about the long trip fell on deaf ears as he and his family ...

Extra-terrestrial life Writing Club Course package
by Lachlan
Ranked 6.83

I glanced through the smoke which billowed out of our crashed space shuttle. Rough white rocks revealed themselves as I approached the side of what seemed to be a cliff. Water dripped from a long and sharp stone protr...

A Day at the Waterfall Writing Club Free
by Rajas Satija
Ranked 6.77

I woke up all fresh excited for another day. The birds singing in the background and the leaves rustling in the thing air it seemed like the perfect day to go for a picnic to the springs. I stretched as I got up and f...

Awe and wonder in being a magician Writing Club
by anonymous
Ranked 6.5

Plan: A magician made wonder occur and kept me in awe. I want to be like him so I go backstage. I see the magician punched backstage like Houdini. He tells me, Wonder brings awe and satisfaction I become as good...

Awe and Wonder
by Karl
Ranked 6.5

Beep! The swimmers took off from the diving blocks, gracefully and skilfully cutting into the water. As they quickly came up to the surface of the water they begin charging like a pack of sharks! The crowd roared with...

Awe and Wonder
by MrX
Ranked 6.43

After what I just witnessed, I was in awe, utter and complete shock. How does this scrawny kid in front of me, dark curly hair and all, not own some major magic TV show. It was just incredible. He just shrugged at me ...

An unknown hero
by anonymous
Ranked 5.5

My heart was thumping out of my chest, as the horse, cantering at full speed, came towards me. “Move out of the way!” I heard. “Get out of there!” But I stood motionless, my legs had a mind of their own, not doing w...

Wonder and Awe- Dancers Course package
Ranked 5.0

I entered the grand room with excitement bubbling inside me. The stage in the front was illuminated by large LED lights. The seats around me were taken by the rest of the audience, who were all waiting for the one and...

How does he do it? Writing Club
by Sarah Berezowski
Ranked 4.67

Just another afternoon, I'm sitting on the couch watching TV when the door swings wide open. It is my brother. He limps in through the doorway with his uniform dishevelled and his knee trickling with blood. “What ha...

AWE and WONDER by (==<GAYATRI S>==) Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 4.5

Girl doesn't want to go to field trip==gets off bus and scoffs at looking presentable==goes inside==looks at place in awe and wonder==================== I uncomfortably shifted in my seat. The prickling material ma...

Writing Club Course package
by Joshua Lakes
Ranked 4.5

Standing at the edge of a deep dark forest, I took a deep breath. Knowing I had just discovered the mysterious forest, located in the middle of nowhere, I decided to see what was in there. AS I brushed the thick leave...

Awe and Wonder Writing Club
by Abdus
Ranked 4.33

It was my first time boarding a rocket. I nervously shuffled through the platform and into the shuttle. Buckling in my seat, I give a firm nod to my partners and the countdown sequence begins. "3", sweat start drippin...

The Word of Beauty Writing Club Course package
by JKRowling4
Ranked 4.27

Awe and wonder: “When are we going to reach mom?” My younger sister, Hazel kept asking my mom throughout the long journey. Even I couldn’t wait to get there, to The World of Beauty. Wildlife was probably one of the...

Awe and Wonder Course package
by Kyu

The wind entered through the windows as the curtains danced midair. The scent of cinnamon and vanilla filled the cottage. The steady music of rain pattering sung through my ears. Yet here I sat unmotivated, trying to ...

Awe and Wonder Course package
by Kai

"Come on Charlie, your turn!" Jack yelled encouragingly. "I don't know if I can match yours, how did you even do it anyway?" Charlie asked. "Just go for it first," replied Jack. Charlie got on his board and got re...

Awe and Wonder Course package
by PAN0023

George's face glowed with awe and wonder. The Martial Arts performance had left him speechless. The audience along with George roared and applauded, as the martial artists took a bow. Watching the performance had fill...

Awe and Wonder Course package
by PAN0023

Plan -A boy who gets courious and amazed from a concert becomes a singer A frown covered Matt’s face, the moment he got out of bed. Today he was going to a Justin Bieber concert with his sister, he was forced to d...

Awe and Wonder
by sharon ryu

You wouldn't ever know what it's like to see the world through my eyes. No one would ever understand. Thing is, I can only see blue. Everything else around me is grey. To me the sky and the ocean look the same. Everyt...

by Jean Williams

She had never defied what she's told. She never left that tiny locked up bedroom of hers without permission. She obeyed her parents the way a pitiful dog obeyed its masters. After all, one step out of line and she's g...

The Everlasting Mystery
by jordan

- a child who wanted to be an astronaut however cannot due to his heart cancer - studies hard and cures his problem - becomes astronaut The stars mark the boundary line for Earth. But what is beyond that? I know ...

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