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Cricket match for the first time
by Anonymous2010
Ranked 7

It was a cloudy day and Josh ran to his team with his bat in his hand. Josh was ready for some cricket training. Josh loved cricket and he always lived to come to train with his friends. When it was break all his frie...

The Bungy jump
by Harmily
Ranked 7

As I walked into the bungy jumping centre, I felt goose bumps on my skin. It was my first time attempting this adrenalin sport and I felt mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness as I put my harness on. I felt num...

Going on Camp Course package
by Liem
Ranked 7

Tomorrow was going to be nerve-wracking. It was my first time going on school camp and staying away from my parents for over a day. I was genuinely scared about how camp was going to be. I didn't know who I was with i...

Trying Something New For The First Time Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7

Trying Something New For The First Time Inspired by the pianoist, Jasmine wants to try playing the piano, too. Jasmine’s school has hosted a performance, inviting a great piano player to play for the school. When J...

First Time Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 7

Ryan had been friends with the Smith boys since year one for they were the first people who decided to play with him. They were popular and sporty while Ryan was humble and shy. The Smith boys loved fishing. They brou...

Oops... Writing Club
by JRRTolkien2
Ranked 6.0

James watched contently as the Gungy Boys had their game of cricket in the alleyway, like usual. He was never the sporty kind, and no sport ever suited him. He was no match against the Gungy Boys. They were far too st...

Table Tennis Course package
by MidnightSky94
Ranked 6

It was going to be Max's first day at his table tennis club. He was overjoyed when his dad informed him about joining table tennis, so now he wants to be a table tennis player when he grows up. "Dad, hurry up! I don't...

Moving to a new school
by depresscloudxx
Ranked 6

Today, was the day of my new school, I have never been to a new school before and I was nervous. Lots of things were juggling in my head like: if i would make any new friends, if my classmates would bully me, if i did...

A New Path In Life
by Splash
Ranked 5

Nick always watched his favourite baseball player, Roger Clemens, on the television. He dreamed of playing alongside him all the time and he started training in an old club Roger Clemens used to be in. He kept on hitt...

Dancing Diva Course package
by Arya
Ranked 5.0

Jodi Paul gasped as she entered the Dancing Divas School For Arts. It was more beautiful than a castle! With its ginormous shining chandeliers and pictures of famous ballet dancers, it was everything she dreamed! As ...

by JZ
Ranked 4.5

I'm not good at cricket. I never even wanted to sign up, but my Dad made me. When I found out I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT CRICKET!" It's my first game of the season and my Dad is being a psycho. "It's not l...

Jake Tries Tennis
by Jaswant
Ranked 5

"And we have a GOAL!"exclaimed the TV. Meet Jake. Jake is a boy who is glued to the TV. He wouldn't go to school and would eat unhealty sorts of foods like greasy chicken wings, potato chips and fries. Jake wouldn't g...

First Time Writing Club Course package
by JRRTolkien1
Ranked 3.43

Rosie stood out, with her dull and cheap clothes. She was new to the Dance Academy. Every one there was wearing matching, glamorous clothes. As the teacher introduced Rosie, everyone started whispering behind her back...

Annie tries ballet Course package
by hemalakshmi
Ranked 3.0

Have you ever wanted to try something new? This is a story about a girl called Annie who tried ballet for the first time. "Mom I'm bored" whined Annie. "Why don't you call your friends" replied her mother. "All of ...

Participated in Junior MasterChef Writing Club
by JRRTolkien3
Ranked 2.33

Charlotte felt excited and nervous at the same time when she entered the junior master chef. She had no idea that she would be chosen to go there. When everyone settled down in their kitchens, the jud...

gymnastics Course package
by saanvi
Ranked 2.33

Hi my name is Saanvi and this weekend I am trying something new. Gymnastics! I am really excited but also scared. Have you ever done gymnastics before?My teacher says"you must wear a leotard". On Friday mum boug...

the first day of new school
by depresscloudxx

Today, was the day of my new school and I was nervous to start. I was wondering lots of things of what would happen: if my classmates would bully me, if I didn't make any new friends, if I was going to get in trouble ...

The first time 😶😶😶😶😶😶
by anonymous

The birds were chirping peacfully as the sun was seeping through the bushy trees, Today was Tom's first time going to camp. He was all prepared and ready to hop into the bus. Tom missed his parents. The thought of the...

Trying something new Writing Club
by JRRTolkien4

Jake was pleasantly surprised. He was not expecting to play cricket in his local park. He stood nervously at one side of the field constantly asking his mum 'do I have to' in a moaning voice. At last, his mum said str...

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