Sample Essays

A Train journey
by anonymous
Ranked 8.41

As I hopped on the train to get to work, I sensed something, or someone, watching me. I glanced around, but all I could hear were people bustling around, minding their own business. As I shrugged off the feeling, I hu...

A Train Journey Course package
by Tony
Ranked 8.22

The train chugged slowly as the middle-aged man peered outside. He was dazzled by the sophisticated city before his very eyes. The country man felt himself gaping at the colossal buildings, decorated with colourful li...

by Alex Ma
Ranked 7.27

Stepping into the antique locomotive, Edmund removed his black top hat, exposing what little hair he had left, straightened up his navy blazer, and tucked the message into the inside pocket of his jacket, along with a...

The Haunted Train
by Bryan
Ranked 6.8

I put my head out the window while the train was going at lightning speed. My body shook, even though it wasn't cold, my lip quivered and a chill ran down my spine. A shadowy figure was in the distance with neon green...

by Horace Tan
Ranked 6.36

Train Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 6.0

It was 1945, and the war in Europe was finally coming to an end. Joe was a Jew who was clutching his papers as he boarded a train out of the ghetto in Auschwitz. It was one of the many supply trains for the Nazis that...

The man
by Kuribo
Ranked 5.22

The rays of light gradually started appearing in the summer horizon as Pete stepped on the metallic floor of the train. He wearily slumped on the violet seats, instantly falling asleep as the train started vibrating s...

Train Hijack
by Harshad

"HOOOT!!" the whistles screamed as a train to route 45 pulled up at the station. I waved goodbye and took steps towards the train when a man crashed into me, sending my important work documents flying everywhere! The ...

The Crazy Saturday Course package
by Casey

“Train Bozing 234 has arrived! Passengers please head to floor 2 terminal 3! I repeat Train Bozing 234 has arrived! Passengers please head to floor 2 terminal 3!” The announcer called. That was my train I had to hurr...

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