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The Orchestra Course package
by Tony
Ranked 8.33

As I stared at my feet, I walked into the theatre building, as my cello bumped on the threshold of the building. I checked in at the front desk and as slowly as I could, dragged my feet to the theatre room. I still di...

The orchestra
by Hannah Thai
Ranked 8.0

Winsome and heavenly music drifts out of a full swing orchestra. They play Skyfall, a mystery song with many different beats, tone and tempos accenting each and every instrument. It is formed with a semicircle of musi...

The Orchestra
by anonymous
Ranked 7.82

The orchestra Course package
by Nithika
Ranked 7.69

My smile could not be broken by anyone since I was chosen to play a solo for the concert and I couldn’t stop talking about it to all my friends. The concert was at the end of they day and I was exhilarated since only ...

The orchestra Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.53

As the orchestra struck up the opening wavers of a sad piece about a maiden trapped in a tower, I listened holding my breath as the cellos and flutes all merged into one to form the most beautiful music that I had eve...

Orchestra Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 6.83

Music flowed throughout the theatre: a mixture of bass, string and wood sounds. The harpist’s fingers dance across the strings, keeping to the beat of the drummer. The trombone slides, scintillating in the lights of t...

We Are (Not) Late For the Orchestra
by Cooper
Ranked 6.69

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock ringing. As I jumped out of bed and checked the calendar, my eyes widened, today is the day to go see the orchestra! After I dressed up and got ready, I streaked down the stair...

The orchestra
by Turkeys
Ranked 6.63

My body was shaking. I had been practicing for this moment. I walked onto stage with my fellow musicians. The conductor was at the front of the stage ready to conduct us. The red curtain rose. Now my hands were gettin...

The orchestra Writing Club Course package
by Marissa
Ranked 5.67

Lilly had always dreamed of playing in the orchestra since she was 5. The orchestra had always had this beautiful harmony that everyone; even those who would never fit in would be a part of the music. Whenever she’d g...

Writing Club Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 4.67

Breanna sat on a plastic stool in the corner, tuning her cello. Her dark brown hair was off to one side so she could look at her cello without her hair blocking her veiw. Her cello case smeared with rosin marks was at...

The orchestra Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 5.03

Today was so exciting! We went on an excursion to the Opera House. There was lots of people, and we nearly got lost, but the orchestra music was beautifully played. I enjoyed it very much, even if some parts were a li...

The haunted violin Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 4.07

Screech! Jeff yelled as his violin make a horrible sound. He covered his ears in disgust. Jeff was the lead player in the orchestra and he couldn't play well anymore! What a devastating thing to happen to a talented b...

Oh Not the Orchestra Again! Writing Club
by Cosmos
Ranked 4.0

I was busily playing video games on my computer with my friends, I was really enjoying myself until... this woman who was technically my mother demanded me to hop of the computer and get dressed. "Get dressed for what...

The school orchestra Course package
by Deeksha
Ranked 3.83

Our school orchestra was more eager than ever, to take part in the highly competitive Music-fest. However to enter we had to have at least thirty-four player By only having seven cello players, eight viola players and...

The Orchestra Course package
by VannieT

"Next!' I shuffled towards the gate, the man at the check in looked down and scrutinized me head to toe, before me was the prestigious Her Majesty's Golden Crown Orchestral Hall. Shoving me in I stumbled and was lost...

The orchestra Course package
by Yenni

The competitive orchestra was 3 days away and Kieron had not thought about a song. Kieron was worried because the news report said that there was going to be a tornado and that the orchestra would be canceled. Kieron ...

Course package
by Bryan

I entered the ornate hall and chose a seat where the orchestra could be seen perfectly. Then the orchestra started sending sweet melodies through the air, I could see my friend in the orchestra playing the violin. It ...

A Trip to a Horrifying Orchestra
by Harshad

"Buckle up!" the taxi driver called cheerfully as he pulled away from the side of the road, "Off we go to the New Age Orchestra!" The vehicle gathered speed and I was off! On the highway, it was unbearable to hear ...

Writing Club Course package
by anonymous

I stood backstage with all the members of the Grand Orchestra with my VIP pass slung proudly over my neck. I wiped my hands on my shorts and walked up to a lady in a black performance dress. This lady was Eileen Parke...

String Performance Course package
by anonymous

Chatting, Ellie rosined her cello bow and tuned her cello. Today was the day, the day the whole Queensland high strings orchestra of thirty students have been waiting for-performance day. Ellie had pulled her long blo...

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