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Only Child or Sibling? Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 8

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an only child or have a sibling? It is most definitely better to have a sibling. When I was younger, I used to wish I had a sibling. This is because there is someone ...

Siblings are the best!
by Harmily
Ranked 8

Some people think that having siblings is better than being the only child, however, some people think that being an only child is best because parents are able to give more of their time. It is clear that having sibl...

Is siblings better then being a only child?
by Ray100
Ranked 6

In my opinion, its better to have siblings then being a only child because a sibling can help a child with loneliness , can get some help from siblings and siblings can help a child become a better person. Firstly,...

Only Child or Siblings? Course package
by Emily
Ranked 6

Have you ever wondered if being the only child or having siblings is better? Having siblings is surely better than being an only child. I’ve always wanted a sibling, and I still do. This is, as there is someone who yo...

It’s better to have siblings
by Chris
Ranked 6

It’s great to heave siblings, you can have a lot of fun with them, and you learn to share things and socialise. If you have a sibling, you would not be lonely and you would be happy since you have company. You can ...

Multiple Brains are Better that one
by Splash
Ranked 6

Some of you may be having trouble with your homework and you wish someone could help you. Sometimes your parents can help but sometimes they are too busy to help. On this occasion, you probably ask help from your old...

Only child or siblings? Course package
by grace walker
Ranked 5

I am playing video games and enjoying myself until my sister comes in and starts yakking at me what to do with her. That gives me a headache. Why do we have siblings? Are they here to annoy us? I strongly believe tha...

It is not better to be an only child rather than have siblings Writing Club
by Akeek for K
Ranked 4.0

It is not better to be an only child rather than have siblings. It is not better to be an only child rather than have siblings because only one child isn't fun, and you might be spoilt, and have everything done for yo...

Only child or siblings
by Anonymous2010

It debates whether or not being the only child is better than having siblings. In my point of view I think there is no doubt that having siblings is better than being the only child. Having siblings is much more fun a...

It would be better to have more than one
by anonymous

Right now im in Primary school and want siblings,the following reasons will explain to you why Firstly,If your the only child you would be lonely playing or doing homework by yourself.I know siblings might be ann...

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