Sample Essays

technology Course package
by Arham Islam
Ranked 8

I strongly believe that the laptop is the most beneficial piece of technology because of an ease of communication, it teaches responsibility and it has allowed people to complete work easier. Firstly, the laptop has ...

by Serena Tran
Ranked 7

I believe that the new most helpful technology in the world is the surgical robot. The surgical robot has been developed recently and is thought to be the next medical breakthrough. It is going through test trials and...

by xsaber
Ranked 5

Whether technology improves the quality of human lifestyle has been a much debated topic. Technology improves the quality of human lifestyle by making many tasks easier both in or out of the house and secondly, by all...

How Phones Make Our Life Easier Course package
by kaan ozer

These day's phones are one of the many things that make our lives more easier. We do many things with them such as call each other, take photo's of our happy memories and they help us make new friends through the inte...

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