Sample Essays

The Singing Slip Up Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.37

Excitement and nerves chased each other around in my stomach. It seemed as though I had eaten something very wiggly for breakfast and as I stepped out onto the stage, the spotlights temporarily blinded me. Opening my ...

Course package
by Bryan
Ranked 8.05

Everything felt so different when I came to a new school; you would have to learn all the rules, make new friends and adapt to a new environment. It was like restarting a whole puzzle again when someone messed it up b...

Music is the best
Ranked 7.98

Birds tweeted and fluttered around in the blaze of pinks and reds. It was morning and Tom covered his sleepy face with his bright blue blanket. Tom was more of a sleepy boy rather than a proactive boy, so he did not w...

The Musical Talent Show Course package
by Tony
Ranked 7.6

There was a silence in the hall when the principal stepped onto the stage. We were at assembly, and the principal just said there was a talent show next week and that auditions were tomorrow. Straight away, my mind st...

music and friendship
by Reedsong
Ranked 7.2

Clenching my fists, I swallowed. I can do this, just tap Abigal on the shoulder and ask her if I can play, I thought. Summoning up my courage, I strode across the playground and tapped Abigal on the shoulder. As she t...

A Story of Music Course package
by ♡✿❤️𝒞ockαtσσ❤️✿♡
Ranked 7.16

Lauren walked around the classroom until she reached her seat. She was still getting used to her new school's system. Everything was different, it was almost like being in a foreign country. Her class stood up uniform...

by Abhinav
Ranked 6.68

Elliot’s friends smiled with full of glee. Everyone throwing their black caps after graduation. It was finally the end of their schooling! The students had worked very hard that they earned to have a luxurious life. E...

The Song Tragedy
by Dwij
Ranked 6.37

Zack was bursting with excitement. This is because his favourite singer Drake was putting on a concert at his home town LA and he was going. Zack loved music and was very passionite about singing. The song that Drake ...

Music is not only words
by anonymous
Ranked 6.28

The bright lights of cameras and T-V screens shone upon me as I sat down on the red velvet couch with the reporter. “Hello everyone today we are here with the internationally famous teen singer Alex Miranda, 17 year o...

Song of Delight
by Senatsu
Ranked 6.23

I scanned my watery, tired eyes from right to left, reading emails while I was labeling a package diagram as nimble as I could. Every five minutes, the sound of a new email pings in as I lose a bit of concentration. ...

by anonymous
Ranked 6.07

It was the day. There were butterflies and bubbles in my tummy. The classical music of my best friend’s ballet bomb had just finished and it was two more turns until mine. Grownups clapped as the next girl went on sta...

Music saves the day!
by koolK
Ranked 6.03

Everyone has that one thing that they are great at, for some its throwing a ball, running at tremendous speeds for long distances or maybe they have perfect handwriting. But for me, its music. I started the piano when...

The Sound of Music
by Sekhar Pachipala
Ranked 6.02

Music is something which makes humans feel enthralled and curious as we want to know what will happen in the song. One peice of music really grabs my attention as it is a story about a young girl meeting a fishermen. ...

Course package
by Acere
Ranked 5.59

23\12\2020 To: Arienwan my dearest penpal From: Joanna Dear Arienwan, Sorry I haven't sent any letters lately. Merry Christmas by the way. I wish I could see you again. Due to this Covid-19 breakout I couldn't...

Music Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 5.31

The rock band smashed their bass drum with me right next to it and in seconds I swooned. I came back to reality soon and my mum was approaching me. She spoke, her lips moving, but no sound came out. Like a bolt from t...

The cursed song
by anonymous
Ranked 5.01

“Anne, a female singer had hosted a concert. Over 150 people went, but only 60% came out. We are at the scene, with one of the survivors, Ms. Emma Smith, would you please state what had happened?” It was yesterday,...

by The Unknown
Ranked 4.52

I held onto my seat tightly. My heart raced. The plane shook and wriggled in the air. Through the window I noticed fire burning on the wing and smoke rising into the air. The plane plummeted at lightning speed. We wer...

The story of music.
by Budhi

Millions of reporters holding up their microphones and recorders. I sweep my electric blue hair to my shoulder. Reporters are pushing and shouting their way through the crowd dressed in smart ties and suits waving the...

a story about music Course package
by Yenni

The day was sombre and the sound of rock grinding filled the air. The village felt dull and colourless, people did the same thing, over and over. I dragged myself to the shoemakers to do some polishing. The shoe looke...

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