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Nuclear and Fuel Power, Risky or Expensive.
by Mario Moreno
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Energy resources is undoubtedly a big concern for the entire world as it literally moves a significant percentage of the global economy. On one hand the oil production seems to be decreasing dramatically, which is in...

by sweety

Nuclear energy is the present field of interest for researches throughout the world on basis of future issues. it has many controvertial opinions among the peers, which on utilization can turn out to be massive disco...

The perception that use of nuclear power to produce fuel will proffer solution to increased demand in fuel price
by fummy

The general perception that use of nuclear power to produce fuel will proffer solution to ever increasing fuel price is an herculean task considering the imminent dangers involved in the operating nuclear plants. In m...

by Anu Taneja

Nuclear energy has been a constant point of argument between people who support it and think that it is the answer to the continuous hike in gas rates and others who are against it because of its perilous nature. ...

Nuclear Power
by Jing2

Nowadays, we really cannot deny that rising fuel prices greatly affect a country and at the end, the people. Our government, then, tends to look for alternative solutions and that one is the use of nuclear power. Th...

To whom it may concern
by BerSilvia

Nowadays, Nuclear power is an arguably one of the most debated topics. Some support the idea of using it as a mesure to reduce fuel prices. But that is a matter of fact that prices rise because of the companies. They...

by angel

The use of nuclear power to meet the increasing demands of the fuel is a sparked heated debate. Nuclear energy generation involves the usage of radio active materials. some individuals are of opinion that the incre...

nuclear power
by Amr

Nowadays with huge improvement of power technology world have many different resources to create power , some people believe that nuclear power is a solution to Chang our dependency on fuel which prices which is growi...

Nuclear power-its advantages and disavantages
by Preye

Nuclear power is power derived from a nuclear reactor. It generates power through generating thermal heat and its source is a nuclear reactor. The heat generated produces steam which drives the turbines and this ...

by Riad

Nuclear power is a great source of energy. Many countries around the world are doing nuclear practices quite often. It can act as a source against fuel because currently fuel price is hiking very rapidly. There are di...

by Becky

Within the technology developing and social demands, people enjoyed the technology convenience, however, energy consumption highly increased as long as new technology development. Traditional energy, fuel, as a non-re...

Nuclear Power, Friend or Foe
by Toni Ross Ignacio

Nuclear power is one of the source of energy that are being tried and tested by different countries as a source of energy for the consumption of the people. One of the suggested use of it is by using it as a source of...

Sample essay for QUESTION 2 - IELTS Writing Task 2 - sample question by penchal
by penchal

Nuclear power is the use of nuclear reactions that release nuclear energy[5] to generate heat, which most frequently is then used in steam turbines to produce electricity in a nuclear power station. The term includes ...

by ahmf


Sample essay for QUESTION 2 - IELTS Writing Task 2 - sample question by Gurpreet Singh
by Gurpreet Singh

Sample essay for QUESTION 2 - IELTS Writing Task 2 - sample question by Lijo
by Lijo

Its is true that people have different opinion about the usage of nuclear power for energy. When some people believe it is a good replacement for current energy sources like fossil fuels, solar energy and hydro-electr...

Nuclear Power
by neha

Sample essay for QUESTION 2 - IELTS Writing Task 2 - sample question by iurii
by iurii

in our world every day we need more and energy. Our industry is based on a big consumpion of electrical energy. The most of wich is obtained from fossil fuels - petrolum, gas and coal. The last ten years the cost of ...

Study on Nuclear Power Impacts
by Kamalakar

Due to the increase in energy requirements because of rapid industrialization and population increase we need to find alternatives to the traditional energy production. It is causing a grave concern to the growth of c...

Sample essay for QUESTION 2 - IELTS Writing Task 2 - sample question by Grace Plopinio
by Grace Plopinio

Nuclear power plant is a big help to sustain power generation especially if the power supply is not enough. Although there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages having such. One of the advantage of having a nu...

Sample essay for QUESTION 2 - IELTS Writing Task 2 - sample question by NewComer
by NewComer

Undoubtedly nuclear power provides best solution for rapidly rising fuel prices.One of the advanced system which is used to produce electricity is the nuclear power plant. However, some people argue that nuclear power...

Breaking the nucleus
by vishal

In twenty first century man kind is facing a biggest challenge ahead with extraordinary growth in technology and human excellence. This challenge could break this growth and innovations. This challenge is, ...

Essay on nuclear
by manoj

Now-a-days the technology is growing rapidly by providing huge facilities and kindness to society. Today's market for transportation is really too expensive due to the high costs for fuel. Rising fuel price is the mos...

Sample essay for by SK
by SK

With increase in the world population the energy demand is increasing at a rapid rate. Conventional energy sources are limited and available in sufficient amount only in certain regions of the globe. Hence, the fuel p...

Sample essay for by Mir Muzzafar Subhani
by Mir Muzzafar Subhani

Fuel is too costly now a days which is making people more difficult in travelling expenditure.People spend there most of there money in fuel these days which also effects there salary.If fuel gets expensive its too da...

Sample essay for by Nishant Tyagi
by Nishant Tyagi

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