Sample Essays

The turbulence Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 8.4

Olivia looked at the plane with her heart pounding. She was afraid of flying and was not excited for the long flight that awaited her. She liked holidays but she disliked flying and their holiday to Europe needed a ve...

An Eventful Holiday
by ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ PANDA ☆彡
Ranked 7.97

Lounging lazily under the sun, I sighed and slowly breathed in the tingling, salty scent of the ocean. Finally, the summer school holidays had begun and I could relax; the previous month had been filled with stress a...

Course package
by Andy
Ranked 7.5

The whole world is a collection of memoranda that he did exist, and I will never see him again. The moment I saw him I knew who he was, I didn't need a name I could tell by his blue eyes. The way those blue eyes stare...

Writing Club Course package
by Lachlan
Ranked 3.67

The sun shone down at the golden sand. I lay on a beach hammock with my legs crossed, as I flipped through page after page of my brilliant book. The cool breeze was calming and the enormous Palm trees towered over me ...

Best Worst Holiday Course package
by Bibi

The holiday had been nice so far. Chloe and Leo where on an island resort and were having the time of their lives. They are twins but not identical. Even though, they do and act like one another. It was their third da...

Figment of my imagination
by Hi

As the last flicker of light from the campfire died I reluctantly headed to my tent with my sister. This was our Christmas holiday and we both wanted to get as much out of it as possible. As we slipped into our sleepi...

by DatIndianKid

"Finally!" I exclaimed as the news whipped into my ear and circled in my mind. I visualised the moment we first step foot in our resort. I dreamed of freedom, glory and excitement throughout the whole night. The day b...

A Holiday Course package
by Michelle Sim

‘It’s so hot!’ moaned Riley, ‘I want to go on holidays now.’ Smiling, I answered, ‘Riles, the holiday ended just yesterday.’ She complained even more about not having a long holiday and how holidays should last foreve...

Scenarios Course package
by anonymous

I stuffed everything in my luggage, not caring where everything went. All I knew was that I, Molly Oats, will be in Disneyland by tomorrow! "Molly! Hurry up, we're not going to wait for you!" I ran as fast as I co...

by Michelle

I wiped the last tear from my swollen eyes and blew my nose loudly. I was completely and utterly over tony bear. This relationship had been hard but now it had ended. To be honest, I missed the quarrelling, the hugs a...

Sample essay for QUESTION 25 - A holiday by Niya Course package
by Niya

Plan - on their way to a holiday dest. - car brakes down - decide to stay there for holiday Sweat glinted on my forehead as I tried desperately once again to get my phone to work. The sun burned down on the hot roa...

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