Sample Essays

The reunion Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 9

Tom sat on the beige leather seat in his luxury sedan while looking intently into the distance of the flat desert land. He was a successful lawyer in New York City but he was not always in the middle of the city. He w...

Lost and Found
by anonymous
Ranked 9

P1: Cat ventures out of the household (boredom) P2: Went into neighbour’s gardens (curiosity) P3: Attacked by their dog (terror) P4: Cat reunited with owner (relief) The cat stared into the fireplace as the flam...

A Final Reunion Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8

For everyone else, it was simply a goodbye. For the man who stood on stage, it would first be a reunion. People were gathered, here to say their farewells. He too, was saying his farewell. He had gotten up to share...

Roses Course package
by Andy
Ranked 8

Here I am. In the graveyard of my mother. The woman who loved me, who cared for me, who always supported me, is now six feet under. She was as beautiful as her name. She was the alluring rose amongst the thorns. Rose ...

The Game
by anony

Bright lights shone through my eyes; astounded, anxious and persistent. I stood for a moment staring into the star it sky. It was a cold, dark night; the thought of meeting my old high school friends made me nervous, ...

The Reunion
by Rana

We all have friends and as we all grow up and explore the world, we lose contact one way or another. For some, it's not the fact that they are growing up that they choose to separate, it would have been caused by an a...

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