Sample Essays

This News is on Fire Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.84

The man found a bench in the park. Serene, calm and beautiful, the perfect place to read his newspaper. He had been gone for five months, stationed overseas, serving his country in the military. The man was curious ab...

Fire Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 7.22

John stood in front of the remains of his once grand house. He sat down on a charred stump of a tree and looked over at all his land and all his crops he toiled to grow which were lying in ashes. All of his livelihood...

The paper on flames
by anonymous
Ranked 6.91

The early sun scorched and almost tanned Liam as he was walking across the side path. He could not stop licking his fingers of his favourite sausage roll from the nearby bakery. He held the folded morning papers in hi...

The Paper on Flames Course package
by Amul
Ranked 6.0

Keith Moore looked out of the bus window with a smile on his face, he was finally returning home after a long business trip. He imagined, his son running up to him with open arms and his wife smiling at his long-await...

Magic News
by UAB
Ranked 5.23

Not a single sound could be heard until Leo is woken up by the constant ringing of the alarm in his ear. Half dazed he takes a swoop in it's general direction and moans into his pillow. Another day of the same old sam...

The Newspaper
by anonymous
Ranked 4.23

Police sirens wailed behind me, I could feel the night air chilling my skin. Their presence was overwhelming me, but all I could do was run away. The lights flickered as my legs grew tired. I could feel them edging cl...

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