Sample Essays

The Orange is not Ripe!
by anonymous
Ranked 7.57

Every morning, my eyes would twinkle to the sight of the big juicy orange hanging on the tree in my backyard. This was the first of the season, and I couldn't stop asking my mum if I could pick it. Every time she woul...

The Harvest Fairies
by UAB
Ranked 6.92

Not a single sound could be heard except the plants rustling as Grandpa Tom was out in the fields. Mary just woke up and the sound of her creaky bed forced her to spring straight up, a yawn from her left signified it ...

The Harvest Course package
by Amul
Ranked 6.73

John was a poor farmer who lived with his family. he was in the middle of a drought, and he could not grow a single crop on his land. He wished that one day the heavens would swell up and pour down rain onto the dusty...

Course package
by Millie
Ranked 6.42

Right now is in the middle of November which is also the perfect season to pick oranges. Everyone is out on field harvesting only the freshest and ripe of the oranges. The oranges looked extra orange and big this year...

Florishing by Reedsong
by Reedsong
Ranked 5.02

Where the sun burns and bleeds into the horizon, there was a lush forest. In it, graceful willows and maple trees danced in the frolicking wind, mighty oaks stood as silent guardians. The ground was covered in a woven...

by anonymous

Ripe for the picking The wind seemed to share Alice's melancholy, blowing weakly against trees while rustling the dried up leaves. The sky was a dull grey compared to its ordinary vibrant shade of bright blue. Alic...

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