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Always late Writing Club Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.33

The ringing of the school bell should have marked the start of our end of year exams. The end of year exams is a major exam that determines our overall academic scores. Glancing around, I could see that the prospect o...

The wrong bus Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 8.27

Alice’s alarm clock rang thirty minutes early and she jumped up and started to change into her school uniform. She was determined to not be late to the first lesson at school. She had been frequently late before today...

Always Late
by Tony
Ranked 8.02

“If you don’t arrive to school punctually tomorrow, you will have to face a severe punishment!” my teacher had bellowed in my face. I remembered it all too clearly. Rushing into the classroom, finding that the only e...

Always late Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.95

The ringing of the school bell fills the halls as students make their way into class. The day of camp has finally come and my best friend is nowhere to be seen. We all walk down to the bus as Mr. Garrison blows his wh...

Always late Writing Club Course package
by Eden
Ranked 6.17

The morning sun glistened through the beautiful sheer curtains and into the brightly coloured room. It seemed like a perfect day for Jack until his star-wars alarm started ringing. He let out a long, irritating sigh a...

by sharon ryu
Ranked 3.27

Another day. Another 24 hours but never enough time. I know I'll be late again, as always. The door will shut again and I'll have to wait another 24 hours before it opens. I know that no matter how much I try it won't...

Always Late.....
by Claudia

"Ding, Dong!" the school bell ran for the start of school. Everyone ran to their classroom's because if you were late you will get into big trouble by the strict teachers. My teacher was called Mrs Cheeseman. She mark...

Always Late Course package
by PAN0023

Plan - About a boy who is always late for school - His teacher tells that he will automatically fail class if he is late again Matt scurried through the school corridors, his books messily in his arms. Rapidly...

by anonymous


Always late!!
by Rinky

She slammed the car door behind her and started frantically running, struggling to keep her books in place. Her aching legs had finally brought her to the front door. She put one sweaty hand on the golden door knob an...

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