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my castle
by anonymous
Ranked 8.26

Close to my house was a small playground, it had a long yellow slide and also had a monkey bar. Usually in the afternoon there was no one there. So at that time, it was my castle, I always played there and would go ...

My Castle Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.13

Roving around the play park, I pictured the flimsy metal poles turning into great castle walls. I was the king of the castle, nobody else! I quivered with laughter at the thought of all the other boys in my class who ...

A castle
by anonymous
Ranked 7.95

Standing high on the bright colourful play equipment, Joe angrily shooed all the people off the playground as if he were the king. Looking around at the bright, green, empty area of grass, Joe’s imagination hastily br...

My Castle, or Yours? Course package
by Tony
Ranked 7.59

My Castle, Or Yours? As I stepped onto the grey steel platform, suddenly, all the poles melted away out of existence and turned into majestic marble pillars, holding up the stone ceiling. I put on my plastic crown ...

My Castle!
by Fletcher Carstens
Ranked 6.5

I laid my foot on the top step of the stairs, I was there at the top. The very smell of the fresh crisp air was so satisfying. My heart was skipping a beat. A grin slowly formed on my face. 'My very own castle I thoug...

My crazy fantasy mind
by Splash
Ranked 6.26

“I’m the king of the world!” I exclaimed to myself. I visualized myself as a prince walking along the hallway waving gracefully as everyone cheered at me, throwing flowers. As I put my hand on the rail, I felt as if I...

My Castle Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.23

From looks, Leah Kennedy looked like a very ordinary girl. Brown short hair. Freckles. Dimples. Smile. She was the only seven but while the other girls in her grade went to parties and did each other's hair, she was a...

The Playground Castle
by Dheeraj
Ranked 6.2

" I'll beat you there." I said. We were running towards the playground after school as always. Me and my friends all live next to each other, and right in front of our houses was a castle like playground. The cas...

Fun at the Playground Course package
by Jay
Ranked 5.57

Walking down the rocky road with my the girl I was going to babysit, I started texting my friend for help as she frantically jumped all over the place. I place the phone back in my pocket as I tried the grab the chil...

by Thebrickboyaus
Ranked 5.46

Jeffery clambered up the slide, and stood proudly at the top of the playground. 'This is MY castle!!' He proclaimed 'This is MY Kingdom!! All of you are LITTLE PEASANTS!!!' All of the children stopped running...

My Castle
by ᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼
Ranked 5.35

I was taken into the car, we drove to the local playground. I happily scanned around for any other children, which there were none. Then my imagination started coming in, I was taken into the land of kingdoms. I was ...

My castle
by Anonymous2010
Ranked 5.0

I quickly Jumped in the car excited ready to get my own playground. After a two months i finally got to have my playground. We had arrived at the shops. They were none that I wanted because they did not look very fun...

My castle
by anonymous
Ranked 5.0

My castle, a place kids of all lands go, is a safe place full of joyful faces everyday. It's bright unique colours make it the most favourable castle in the land of the park. But as in some stories this story goes wro...

Saving 'The castle'
by Alex
Ranked 5.0

Tom was 5 years old. He was a boy who loved exploring and calling things his own. What he loved to do, though, was go to his castle. His castle was a play ground down at the park at the end of the street. He would cli...

The Castle Siege
by anonymous
Ranked 4.55

This is my gang meet Stella, Tony, Patrick and Elsie. We play at the castle down at the park but it wasn't always that way. Last year when we were all eight the castle war began. Gangs from all over town came to compe...

My Catle
by anonymous
Ranked 4.38

Today at my castle there were alot of strangers. The strangers were kind, one of them even let me swing off the monkey bars. It was quite exquisite! We slid down the slide a couple of times. then the joy left me wit...

by MW
Ranked 4.08

MY CASTLE Dawn came. Like a drip of blood into the world sky, staining the fluffy cloud. Meanwhile, I was climbing up my castle. The azure sky was gone, this is now not an azure castle, a new era has arrived, now the...

Course package
by Bryan

I laughed loudly as I came to the top of my castle; my castle was the place where all my worries would go away and turn into hours of laughter. I sat down pretending to be on my throne and my friends were around me li...

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