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What Happens Now
by anonymous2020-2
Ranked 8.69

Tom loved the environment, he recycled water, only used renewable energy and didn't use plastic. He tried to tell people that damaging the environment would only lead to disaster, however, nobody would listen to him. ...

Foggy city Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 7.55

Melanie gazed at the foggy smoke that surrounded her city. She had always lived there and everytime she went outside, she would start to cough because of the filthy air. The city always was foggy and she was told that...

The Escape
by anonymous
Ranked 7.4

Luis scampered across the bustling concrete bridge - scavenging for anything edible. The river that lay beneath it was now an oily black slush, which was far too toxic for any aquatic creature to live in, let alone fo...

Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.31

As we drove along a desolate lane, the air began to fill with smogg. The sky turned grey and we wound up our car window to shut out the fumes, billowing out of a pipe in the roof of the factory. Our holiday had been g...

What happens now?
by anonymous
Ranked 7.26

Smoke billowed out of the two massive stacks towering above Joe. Flanery’s Nuclear Power Plant was one of the largest nuclear power plants in America and Joe was proudly its leading reactor operator. Even from here, J...

Smoke Course package
by ♡✿❤️𝒞ockαtσσ❤️✿♡
Ranked 7.26

Daniel took the elevator down many storeys and finally reached the ground level where he swung the door open, holding his breath tightly as he tried not to breathe in the smokey air. His bright eyes and easy smile s...

The factory Writing Club
by Cosmos
Ranked 7.2

There I sat, on the black filthy road. It had been a week since the worst had happened, I had been fired so my job was gone. I used to work in an industrial factory that mainly produced food, I had no car because I c...

in disguise
by V
Ranked 7.1

A detective had an assignment to work under cover as a worker at a factory that supplies clothes to a homeless shelter but, she thinks its just a cover up for the missing people that had been working at the factory b...

The Factory
by anonymous
Ranked 7.0

It was a cold gloomy day as Luke swiftly headed outside. He rushed towards his rusty old car ready for his daily event. Luke placed his hands around the hard surface of the steering wheel, pulling down the gearshift l...

The Smoke Particle Course package
by Liem
Ranked 6.94

The smoke from a factory is considered normal for us humans. It makes energy for us and provides a source to power our cities. But what if the smoke from the factory, was.. alive? What if smoke was like us and grew up...

What happens Now! Course package
Ranked 6.86

Brent was usually the last person to leave from this unstable factory which was built a century ago in 1920. The evening sky took place, as the factory kept on rumbling all day long. Brent was just sweeping up the deb...

Brandon's protest against United Industries Plastic Factory
by sid
Ranked 6.81

It was 6AM in the morning, Brandon jostled through the house as he was in a haste to go to his basketball class, his father James was dropping him. As they got into the car, Brandon noticed a gentleman suffocating on ...

What Happens Now
by Mizuki
Ranked 6.79

The smoke in the sky expanded as the abandoned decrepit factory smoke polluted the city. As midnight struck the deep blue sky, appeared as a dark cloudy afternoon. Every day after school Ivan was forced to walk past t...

The Big Catastrophe
by Dwij
Ranked 6.35

Today was going to be the best school field trip Jack and Joe thought because they were at the museum. It was called STEAM, the boys were best friends and they loved museums because it had cool technology in it. Jack ...

by anonymous
Ranked 6.28

The thick black smoke was wrapped around earth like a blanket. Finn McConnell was horrified to see earth like this. He had heard stories of the past all describing this amazing thing called sunshine. He had also heard...

I changed the world. Course package
by Acere
Ranked 6.07

Wow! Gigantic but... ew so gross. The place crept with smoke. Rocks crawled under my feet and machines worked day and night to pack this amount of coal up for the trains. I felt ashamed of how much pollution my Grandp...

The light
by koolK
Ranked 6.05

The dark clouds have long since covered up the sun’s beautiful rays. Forests are now a piece of legends and plants have been replaced by plastic replicas. The year is 3021. Factories cover the globe. But, somewhere in...

Disappearance Writing Club Course package
by Akeek for K
Ranked 6.02

Smoke billowed out of the pipes towering above the minuscule people loitering about on the ground of the large factory complex. Justin was at the centre of it all, the revolting smell wanted through the air, and into ...

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