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The Maiden Voyage
by anonymous
Ranked 8.42

The cold wooden floorboards softly creaked, as Jack walked above them. He was fulfilling his childhood dream of going on a maiden solo voyage across the seas. Joy rushed through his body as he headed to the deck of th...

The Maiden Voyage Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.19

Despondent faces glared up at me as I passed around the pitiful meal of cold tinned meat and stale bread. The ship rocked aggressively spraying salty water into everyone's eyes. Positivity was ebbing away before me bu...

The Maiden Voyage Course package
by ♡✿❤️𝒞ockαtσσ❤️✿♡
Ranked 8.13

Cool wind brushed Hana's cheek, lifting her hair in the fresh breeze. The sails of the large boat towered in front of her, imposing and elegant. People on the boat chattered excitedly, pouring drinks and ordering fo...

Effort and hope helps Ben redo his masterpiece Course package
by Joe
Ranked 8.12

Plot: Ben spilled paint all over his masterpiece Paragraph 1: Ben had entered a painting competition and he had to draw a voyage Paragraph 2: Ben works on his painting, but he accidentally drops paint on his masterp...

A voyage to find hope Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 8.07

Dark clouds filled the sky for years as the kind-hearted presidents became corrupt with anger and power. Smoky air had filled the village for months which made it easier to steal and fight. The city became violent and...

The maiden voyage!+ Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.04

Lizz could taste the salty air and feel sprays from the sea. Her mind recalled the competition, to find the best twenty sailors. These sailors would travel across the world and back home. One would be the captain and ...

by Deepanjan Nidhi
Ranked 8.01

Whoosh! The waves leapt and fell like tigers, causing ripples around the boat that my dad and I had gone to test run in the ocean, not far from shore. There was no guarantee that the boat was safe but even though I wa...

The maidens voyage Course package
by ITN
Ranked 7.14

I dived into the ocean, and the water bubbled around me like shiny pearls cling to my skin. The waves rolled along the shore in a graceful, gentle rhythm, as if dancing me. Diving was my favourite thing to do, and eve...

Course package
by Michael Le
Ranked 7.01

I trembled as I boarded the boat, I couldn't help but wonder if the boat could go the whole journey. It was the maiden voyage, and I was worried, because we had not tested our ship before this long voyage. I looked at...

The Maiden Voyage
by Happyapple
Ranked 7.01

Ear-piercing thunder penetrated my ears. Thunder clamoured, lighting struck, rain and hail torrented down from enormous blocks of charcoal clouds. Planets of heavy deluge mercilessly stampeded the roof of the feeble v...

The Maiden Voyage Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 6.64

Joe, who was standing in the crow's nest, peered at the sea, spotting a line of land on the horizon. "Land ahoy!" he shouted in a stentorian roar. The crew ran to the bow, looking at the peninsula in awe. They hadn't ...

The most monstrous voyage in the year 1980
by anonymous
Ranked 6.64

A woman was looking at a boat. Her name was Alice. She had been saving up for this trip ever since she was little. Alice had been a maiden for many years now but she had always been dreaming of this moment. She was go...

by Hermione
Ranked 6.55

The crisp white sails billowed in the brewing storm. Below the decks of the ship one hundred women were huddling together trying to keep warm, holding onto anything they could to avoid being bashed around when waves c...

The far sea
by Chika
Ranked 6.38

BOOM! A thundering loud cannon ball came crashing down towards the grumpy captains clean boat. One day the captain and his crew went off into the clear sea to find the treasure that was marked on a map that one of the...

The Maiden Voyage of The Ocean Glider
by anonymous
Ranked 6.23

I hoisted the heavy old bag over my shoulder and confidently climbed on board the brand new sail boat - The Ocean Glider. Today was the day I would finally go on my first Long haul sail boat journey! After 4 ...

The Maiden Voyage of Titanic
by Kuribo
Ranked 5.93

The salty sea breeze pervaded throughout me as the metallic wonder, the Titanic, gently glided through the ocean. As the cold night started to approach, I retired to the cabins of the boat. The whole journey was perfe...

A Broken Heart Without You Course package
by Sanny
Ranked 5.45

Tim and Julie sat on a derelict bench, gazing at each other. They were always together and they would be engrossed in the mesmerising, serene vista. Birds fluctuate in the crimson sky, beaming like radiant stars with ...

The Sea Journey
by AllienK
Ranked 5.04

"was up cap'n" I shouted from the bay, the captain slowly turned to me still emptying his bottle of whine and groaning something under his breath "oh no " I muttered "he's drunk again and on the day of the voyage to t...

Set Sail! Course package
by Jay

I've heard that unmarried women can't lead a ship but I'm going to change it all. It was a casual day, laying in my navy blue bed, scrolling through the latest posts. Before long, I came across a critical message. I c...

The Titanic Course package
by Hcalculator

The crowds were shrieking, as the merchant women's jewelry clattered upon the covering of the first cruise - as they were boarding the ship. The titanic towered over the passengers, shading them, and deteriorating the...

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