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Beyond the sea Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 8.44

Luke sat on the beach with sea spray hitting his face. He looked at the horizon with his binoculars and sighed. He desperately wanted to see what was beyond the big blue ocean that he stared at for hours but his paren...

Beyond the sea
by HELLO11
Ranked 7.83

“Bang!” I fell, face down on the musty, old floor of the light house. I was making my way to the small arched window that was in sight. I stared into the distance with wide desire filled eyes, a small frown touched my...

The haunted lighthouse
by shion
Ranked 7.6

The Terror Square, a square shaped area in the ocean that no one dared to travel across. It used to simply be a part of the ocean until the night of early January, ships began to sink. Yuri’s father had been a passion...

Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.9

Beyond the Sea: Living by the ocean is amazing. A breathtaking view, the endless sight of water and countless sea creatures and marine life. The ocean was the first sight my eyes captured when I woke up, the waves ...

The Wave
by anonymous
Ranked 6.65

Serenity, all things calm. That was the feeling that was inside me as my ________ beach towel, watching the tide come and go. I could’ve sat there for hours upon hours, but my peace was rudely disturbed. An enormou...

Beyond the lighthouse Course package
by Maya
Ranked 5.42

The lighthouse stands there, all year around. It stands there so confidently that you're almost convinced it won't shatter into a million pieces due to age and the strong waves weakening it every day. But what drives ...

Writing Club Course package
by Lachlan
Ranked 4.83

I lay slumped against my chair, trying to force my falling eyelids to stay open. Reluctantly, I had to stare out into the wide open sea which was set out before me. I shone light at boats, night after night as It was ...

Fenced Course package
by anonymous

"We must hurry before they hunt us down." I knew running wasn't an option, but my heart insisted on this dark choice. Lily clutched her hand, tight, and dragged her right leg behind her, trusting her left leg to carry...

The old light house Writing Club
by Jining

The wind howled and rain beat mercilessly on the old grey light house. It lay there, in the jagged rocks forgotten, It's light only a slither, overcome by darkness. The light house used to be full of bright colours, b...

by Cora

The night was dark and gloomy, tendrils of wind twisting around the rocks with greedy hunger for space. The sky blanketed the world in a pitch black colour, darkening every crevice of the world. On the water, the smal...

Beyond the sea (did not see stimulus) Course package
by Michelle Sim

‘Yess!’ Just finished the 46th level of Pokémon Go!’ I whooped with joy. Lately, I found myself obsessed. I had downloaded it a week ago and made progress. Mother simply tutted. The only time she celebrated was when s...

Beyond the Sea
by Kim-Ly

Beyond the sea lies a land of mystery and wonder. Beyond the sea is a word filled of unimaginable creatures. Beyond the sea is where my heart lies. I sat on the rocky cliff adjacent to the beach, watching the pow...

Sample essay for QUESTION 14 - Beyond the sea by MSL
by MSL

Beyond the sea Plan: primitive tribe on an island - end on a soft note - curious girl called Nahuwa discovers a manuscript on the beach. - scientific journal about advancements in computers. - tribe leader is s...

Beyond the sea
by Vanessa

No one knows what there is beyond the sea, except from an aged, frail sailor that lives in the lighthouse smeared with algae on Mournighton Island. No one dares to go beyond the sea as rumours have stated that a hideo...

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