Sample Essays

Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.28

Planning - P1 – Preparing and getting ready P2 – Hardness and rivalry, contest, race P3 – Injury but hope still P4 – Goal accomplished and comes first Writing - Preparing her body, Samantha rested on the ...

Nothing stops Lara from winning Course package
by Joe
Ranked 8.25

The Injury Goal Plot: Lara was in a marathon and she got tripped over P1: Lara was in a marathon P2: Lara got tripped over P3: She got injured but still continued P4: She won the race Lara stepped up to the st...

The Best Tri Ever! Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.94

Seizing the the ball I felt the rough leather on my hands as I swiftly passed it to one of my team mates. Running down the pitch, I tried not to thump the ground with annoyance after my friend dropped the ball and los...

Not only a Reserve Player
by anonymous
Ranked 7.44

Students filed out the gym sweating profusely as they headed to the changing rooms. Emma grabbed her bag before heading towards the cafeteria when a large notice caught her eyes, it read “Girl’s Soccer try outs for Gr...

The Race Course package
by Avengers01
Ranked 7.16

The five hundred metre race at my school was coming up and I leaped at the opportunity to compete. Unfortunately, my parents and my friends tell me I should take it easy and miss a day of school but I ignored them. An...

Memorable Victory Course package
by Sanny
Ranked 7.16

Adrenaline pumped through my veins and everything was a blur. Heat beat down from a steel-blue sky, parching my lips, searing my eyes and bleaching the moisture out of my skin. The crowd went wild as my team arrived a...

Winning At a Cost Course package
by mysterious?
Ranked 7.05

The cheering of the crowd got louder as I dribbled past a defender. The goal was in front of me and the air was filled with future victory. I pulled my leg back, locking eyes with the goalkeeper. Out of the blue, a pl...

A Comeback
Ranked 7.04

Sweat poured down my face, as my soccer coach gave me permission to take a break for five minutes. I could not believe what had happened for the last few weeks - a player was injured and without any players to pick fr...

The Amazing Win
by The Unknown
Ranked 7.03

The players stepped into the arena, camera lights flashed as the grand final of the Women's Soccer League took place on a night fixture. There was ear-piercing cheering since the best team in the league, Salford Unite...

Course package
by Bryan
Ranked 6.91

As I walked around the school I saw the girl's soccer tryouts happening today and I was counting the seconds during class time to see when I could go to the soccer tryouts. At the tryouts we had to dribble, pass and s...

The Injury Does Not Stop Me Course package
by Ali
Ranked 6.9

My heart pounded faster than ever as I ran proudly onto the field. The crowd roared louder than a herd of elephants, giving me the momentum to do even better. Today was the most important match of the season. It wasn...

The Freezing Water Writing Club Course package
by Akeek for K
Ranked 6.65

Jerry was sweating. The river that loomed in front of him seemed endless. He could see his friend, Pete, shaking with the iciness that could be felt all around the summit of the mountain. This was one of the hardest t...

HOPE! Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 6.49

I saw stars, my vision clouding. An aggressive defender had scored a blow to my head, almost knocking me out unconscious. My eyes refocused and got back up, telling my team that I could keep playing. The ashes of my v...

by Senatsu
Ranked 6.45

The alarm beeped off and Colin jolted up and buzzed the alarm off. Feeling dazed, he covered his eyes from the rays of the beaming sunshine with his pillow, ready to sleep back. His father startled in with Colin jum...

The dreaded day Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.42

Milly loved playing netball. Even if it was her first year she was on fire, she adored it with her family by her side and her friends playing with her .she trained twice a week she didn't enjoy training very much bu...

An Injury Course package
by Tony
Ranked 6.38

Everyone was shouting, it was the quarter-final of for the soccer season, with me playing in it. I ran around, tackling. kicking the ball and weaving through the other players and getting the ball. I was sweating, clu...

Injury Goal Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.28

My lungs were burning, my legs were numb. It had been 2 hours since I started my soccer training with my team, I was so tired I felt like I was going to collapse on the ground. My team had a huge soccer team in 3 mont...

Course package
by Bryan

Anna jumped around in circles with a big smile on her face as she saw the girls soccer tryouts on the wall. With no hesitation she immediately joined and was eager for lunch time to arrive. Lunch started and she ran t...

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