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The most valuable life lesson are taught in classrooms
by Praveen
Ranked 8.91

PLAN P1: respect P2: you can’t control everything P3: bullying I strongly believe that the most important life lessons are taught in classrooms not in the real world, I have a few reasons for this, children lear...

The Most Valuable Lesson Course package
by Tony
Ranked 7.95

As the population grows and the need for education grows, more people have been having real life lesson. They have claimed that real life lessons are more valuable than ones in classroom. This has caused many people t...

The most valuable lessons
by Prasad
Ranked 7.92

Many think that the most valuable lessons are taught in the classroom, but I argue that the 'real' lessons are taught in the 'real world. In real life you can visually learn and gain experiences, you can do trial and ...

The most valuable lessons Course package
by Nicholas
Ranked 7.81

It has been much debated as to whether the most valuable lessons learned in life are taught in classrooms or those that happen outside, in the ‘real’ world. The lessons that happen outside, in the ‘real’ world, are th...

Valuable lessons are not those taught in a classroom Course package
by Acere
Ranked 7.33

The real world is unknown and scary, there is no place to ask anyone for explanation. In school, you have everything you need. Some people may think that you can learn the most valuable lessons from parents. However,...

The most valuable lessons
by anonymous
Ranked 7.16

There are many valuable lessons in life like learning to speak or even being kind. However many argue if the majority of valuable lessons are learnt outside or inside. The most valuable aren't learnt outside because...

What's the best learning environment?
by Jeff
Ranked 7.02

The most valuable lessons learned in life
by bluesky
Ranked 6.7

In my life I learned that the most important lessons aren’t taught in a classroom, rather it’s taught in the real world. In classroom you learn subjects but in the real world you learn moral values such as love, kindn...

Life lessons Writing Club Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.61

School is definitely an important part of a child's life. Whether It's Math or English everything is important though some of the most important life skills to determine success are learnt outside of school such as ne...

Real life lessons are the most valuable
by Shriyan
Ranked 6.58

The most important lessons in life are learned outside in the real world. A teacher can give a lesson to a child, the child will understand but will the child use the information in their daily life? I will give two r...

Are the most valuable lessons taught in the classroom or in the outside world? Writing Club
by Lucky
Ranked 6.41

When it comes down to this which one do you think is where the most valuable lessons learned in life are? I think they are learned in the classroom and here are my reasons why. Firstly when going to class you learn...

The Most Valuable Lessons In Life Happen Outside Of The Classroom
by anonymous
Ranked 6.17

"Students, you must finish this creative writing task now!" Or, "Everybody, go bring out your maths books right now! We need to catch up with all the work we missed out on yesterday!" The students miserably do what th...

Our most valuable lessons are not learnt at school
by Splash
Ranked 6.17

I believe our most valuable lessons are not taught in schools. Of course, the schools provide learning spaces and learning environments, but we don’t spend our entire life at school. In fact, I believe the most valuab...

Are The Most Valuable Life Lessons Really Taught Outside In The Real World? Course package
by ✦•ღ Ultimate3mily ღ•✦
Ranked 6.16

The lessons that are taught inside of school are much better than the lessons taught outside of school. You will learn lots of very important life lessons such as communication and socialisation skills. Lessons learnt...

Life Lessons
by Kamal Saggu
Ranked 6.01

Life lessons normally happen in the outside world. Lessons have been taught to kids who do not listen to their guardians or parents. Some people think that it is right to not follow instructions while other people do....

The most valuable lessons
by jet
Ranked 5.55

You might think your favorite lesson is Math, or English. Or maybe Music or Art. But did you ever think the best lessons could be ones in the real world? This is true because in the real world, anything can happen, an...

the most valuable lessons are learnt through the real world, not in class
by anonymous
Ranked 5.51

You know those people in life, those people who are always enjoying life, making good decisions and acting strong. Have you ever wanted to be like them? Act like them? Well I know a simple way for YOU to be that perso...

The most important life lessons Are learned in the "Real World"
by anonymous
Ranked 5.33

Experience based learning
by Thebrickboyaus
Ranked 5.04

As a recent argument has pointed out, learning something in the real world and learning theories are two completely different matters. Experience based learning is really based off what you have done and how well it c...

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