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A historic town with a secret
by anonymous
Ranked 8.32

A gondola slowly glided past me as I admired the crystal clear water in a quiet part of Venice. There was nobody except the gondola driver in sight and I needed to get to the tourist bus before 12pm. I called the driv...

Course package
by Joe
Ranked 8.1

Plot: Jax and some other volunteers moves a large fishing net from the river Paragraph 1: Jax takes a walk along the river Paragraph 2: Jax notices that fish are caught in a net Paragraph 3: He and some volunteers ...

The Streets
by anonymous
Ranked 7.3

In the cold, chilly afternoon of a gloomy day, Tom slowly strolled through the empty streets of Italy, searching for a cafe. Tom was an average, arrogant man who needed at least two coffees a day to keep himself awake...

A Little Beggar
by Lena
Ranked 7.16

On the frosty streets of London, a little, pathetic girl stole from rich people. She would be a pretty girl of nine if only she did not were rags ; a pair of hazel brown eyes and braids of golden, rippling hair. This ...

The town of Coolry Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.05

Our little town was falling to pieces. With no way of importing or exporting anything, our once prosperous town had been reduced to ruins. The summer bush fires rendered the road to Darwin unsafe, dangerous and creepy...

Gondola Shake Up Course package
by Michael Le
Ranked 7.03

I was just about to go home as another party came towards and paid to go on the gondola. I looked at them and realised that there were six people, the limit is four, but because they were a family, I let them come on ...

The Secret of Deaven City Course package
by sandysand
Ranked 6.88

“This is the Hall of Royalty, where the royal family had their meals, and, outside is the docks where the royal family travelled on boats to have their meal. It soon will be lunch time so we can slowly proceed outside...

by Senatsu
Ranked 6.48

The morning sun yawned as rays of light shone through Sophia's room as she stretch and glanced at her clock. She jolted up; it was her moving day! She was moving her house to Hocus Town a historical, peaceful town w...

London Pier Course package
by SorbetAlly
Ranked 6.46

My feet swing at the brim of the pier. This pier is my territory. I just really hope that something will swim up soon. More importantly, it has to be cute. The pearly white fog drifted down to the river, where it tick...

Course package
by Starry Eyes
Ranked 6.42

Asha and Ember had travelled too far to give up now on finding their little sister, Alisha. And they were not certainly giving up after all they faced for her. The two sisters were resting by the banks of a river in Y...

The Secret of Venice Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 6.42

I peered across the wharves of Venice with boats line up neatly beside them. This seemed just like a flooded town but I had the feeling there was more to it than what I was seeing. The only way to find that out was to...

The town with Magic
by AllienK
Ranked 6.26

The small town mysterious and deserted, with its own little secret waiting to be revealed. The rain bombarded the small town with its massive droplets, accompanied by the boisterous thunder that echoed all the time th...

The Boat Station
by anonymous
Ranked 5.5

It was one tiring evening when a large crowd appeared under the large and old-fashioned buildings that made up Amsterdam, a seemingly peaceful and satisfied town in Netherlands, an awkward but nice piece of land situa...

by anonymous
Ranked 5.03

Angela was taking a fresh air after passing her exams. As her reward, she can do whatever she wanted to do. She sat by the dock and smelled the sea. Then, she saw a journalist on the edge. Angela quickly grabbed the w...

A town with a dark secret Course package
by Yenni

The blue sky and happy faces taunted me as I was inching ever so close to the town's dark secret, clues didn't match up, something was missing. So far I had witnessed the barber mysteriously getting rid of hair and th...

Course package
by Bryan

I could see the tour guide and tourists smiling; everyone was happy today, I could hear it in their voices, I could see it in their faces. Today we would be arriving at the city of Venice; I had longed to go there as ...

Gondola Shake Up Course package
by Michael Le

I was just about to go home as another party came towards and paid to go on the gondola. I looked at them and realised that there were six people, the limit is four, but because they were a family, I let them come on ...

A historic town with secrets Course package
by Alice

A chilly wind blew on my face while me and Lily ran across the desert under the bright circular moon. Me and Lily were both treasure hunters and we loved travelling around historic towns around the world. We are about...

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