Sample Essays

USB Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 8

There have been many great inventions of this decade from iPhones to iPads and even to Bluetooth devices. They have all been huge advancements in nowadays technology. However, the best of all these inventions is and U...

My Incredible Invention
by Jaswant
Ranked 5

Ever get tired of doing all your housework and want the world to get clean and try to get rid of that issue with recycling, well you're in luck. I believe that Robots can do the job. Why is it good, well here are my p...

Inventions Writing Club Course package
by Mizuki
Ranked 3

planning: item: computer reasons: speak with parents, from a distance-enjoyable Body: Inventions such as an computers are important certain times . How will you feel if there were no electronics? I would fe...

A phone
by anonymous

I believe that the best invention we should have is a phone. There are many reasons why but I will tell you some of them. Firstly, If you could have any invention in the world it would be a phone. Right??Who needs ...

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