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Should Phones be Allowed in Schools? Course package
by Tony
Ranked 8.43

As the number of phones brought to school by students grows, it has been debated whether they should be banned. Phones can be distractions, downloading games and texting are examples but they can be very useful, such ...

Schools should not allow students to have mobile phones Course package
by Nicholas
Ranked 8.4

It has been much debated as to whether or not schools should allow students to have mobile phones. Schools should not allow students to have mobile phones because firstly, phones distract students from listening to th...

why smartphones cannot improve your academic performance very much
by anonymous
Ranked 7.94

Smartphones have been a recent technology but almost half of the population uses smartphones already. Many think that smartphones could play a substantial role in academic performance while others think they can't. ...

Mobile phones should be banned in schools Writing Club Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.7

Mobile phones should most definitely be banned in schools. The mobile phone could seriously lower the attention span of students and could cause more students to lose their phones. Firstly, mobile phones should be ...

Mobile phones shouldn't be allowed in schools
by Splash
Ranked 7.31

I strongly believe that mobile phones shouldn’t be allowed in schools as it could distract students, tempt them to cheat and their phones may be stolen. Of course, phones provide the tools and apps that may help us in...

Course package
by subasiny rabby
Ranked 6.86

Smart phones have started to become really popular as they are pocket size devices that can practically do anything. Most people including students have them. The idea is of banning smart phones in schools is a great ...

why Mobile phones should not be banned in schools
by Shriyan
Ranked 6.48

In my opinion phones should be allowed in school for communication with their parents and other reasons. Today I will talk about why phones should not be banned from schools. the first reason is because it helps stude...

by Charlotte
Ranked 6.07

I strongly believe that students should not be able to access their phones during school hours and that not having a phone during school will improve their learning. It is scientifically proven that phones in class...

Mobile phones should not be allowed in school
by bluesky
Ranked 6.05

I agree that schools should not allow students to have mobile phones for the following reasons. Firstly, playing games in the classroom should not be allowed. How will anyone listen to the teacher when they’re all...

Will banning mobile phones improve students academic performance? Writing Club
by Lucky
Ranked 5.47

Banning mobile phones has started being a rule in many schools as it may help improve students academic performance. I agree as it does distract students with their tempt to use the device in the boredness of school w...

Mobile Phones at school
by Thebrickboyaus
Ranked 5.41

As a matter of fact, the only reason students bring mobile phones to school is in case of an urgent phone call, or due for an urgent message regarding change in plan. Phones are not brought into classrooms due to offi...

Students should be allowed to bring their phones to school
by anonymous

In my opinion students should, without question be allowed to bring their phones to school. These little devices might seem useless and a distraction but they can play a major role. First of all, some kids need the...

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