Sample Essays

by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 8

A customer entered the restaurant. He was a pugnacious man and a sultan, always finding something to argue about. His rotund stomach bounced as he walked. He sat down at a table. A waiter sashayed towards the table. ...

The Chef
by Harmily
Ranked 8

It was the evening that I had been waiting for almost the entire year. As the king and queen stepped into the restaurant my chest tightened and I could feel goose bumps on my skin. I was going to make a meal for them ...

Sample essay for QUESTION 04 - Culinary Masterpiece by LEWISCARROLL1 Writing Club Course package
by Sayori
Ranked 8.17

A dull thud of the door followed by immensely boisterous footsteps made all the cooks tremble with dismay. All the usual quietude of the restaurant was shattered as the sultan came in hand in hand with his lanky wife...

The new dish.
by Splash
Ranked 7

"Chef! Did you realize we didn't get any customers since the new restaurant was built in town?" panted an exhausted waiter. There was no answer... Just then the chef storming into a room and locked the door behind hi...

The Masterpiece Course package
by Yeet
Ranked 6

I did it! I finally did it! The smell of the magnificent dessert I had made filled the air as I jumped around delightfully. Now the final step is to serve my masterpiece. I think I have made history. I had checked it ...

by Ray100
Ranked 6

...and amazed of how delicious my masterpiece is. My masterpiece is a full pizza with toppings that include , tomato slices, Mozzarella cheese and garlic. But when I served the sultan and his wife their dinner, the...

Culinary Masterpiece Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6

“I have heard that your restaurant serves the best food, have I not mistaken this?” boomed the sultan, his wife standing not far beside him. “Yes, our restaurant has been known to serve delicious meals, I guarantee ...

Cooking for the Sultan
by Chubby Bear
Ranked 5.93

Today the sultan and his wife were coming to my restaurant. They would try my food and if they liked the food we would be allowed to keep the restaurant. He was a fussy eater, and it would be much easier if we were co...

Culinary Masterpiece Course package
by Emily
Ranked 6

BONG! BONG! BONG! The clock banged against its metal frames, as I watched it. The sultan and his wife will be coming today, to enjoy my masterpiece. Or is it? I smiled lightly, and sighed, as my morning break was over...

The Anxios Chef Writing Club Course package
Ranked 5.33

The finishing touch was added to the restaurant as I walked in. Everything was speck and span. I had rented the place from the Sultan to build my restaurant. He was my first customer and if he didn't like the food I c...

Dinner Disaster Writing Club
by JRRTolkien2
Ranked 4.67

The finest restaurant in the city was the City Plaza Restaurant. Its delicious food and luxurious desserts. The fancy restaurant also owned a hotel, which was next door. The CPR, with 1,000 customers per day, was far ...

The sultans dinner party Writing Club Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 4.57

The sultans birthday is today and he has ordered me to make up a regal dinner menu for tonight's party in Morocco. I have all the exotic ingredients needed and I will soon start to cook. One of the dishes will be very...

My Culinary masterpiece for the wedding Writing Club
by Grace Thomas
Ranked 4.0

I,the best cook in the whole of Lamti, is going to be cooking up a feast for the Sultan's fortieth birthday.Right now I've made something for the Sultan to taste because this is what the Sultan and his wife will be ea...

The Regal Feast Course package
by Arya
Ranked 3.83

"About any second now, the Sultan is going to walk in to our restaurant, everything is ready and clean. I just hope it goes how it is planned, if it does not, we will have to close our restaurant. There he is!" The he...

Kosquay restaurant's luxurious dinner Writing Club
by Akeek for K
Ranked 3.67

Today was the day of when Kosquay Restaurant, the beautiful place with chandeliers, and walls made of marble, was going to serve the Sultan and his wife. The chef made a HUGE menu, which had lots of delicious sounding...

The great Masterpiece
by Anonymous2010

Jack the chef sat in front of the television ready to listen which restaurant the great sultan had picked to come tomorrow night. Then Jack’s helper John came in the room. Then on the television the great sultan came...

Sultan awaits...
by anonymous

It was a peaceful afternoon. Chefs whiping up slendid dishes and waiters doing their best. But that all came to an end. The restaurant door flinged open as Sultan walked in. He sat down at the table waiting for them t...

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