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My baby brother Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 8.03

The sounds of a baby crying pierced the air. I was at the hospital at that time, feeling a mix of negative and positive emotions. I was going to have a baby brother! My tummy had butterflies in it and I felt like it w...

A Happy Memory Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.81

Heart pounding, I stomped downstairs to my mom as she called me down. Her face was full of nervousness as I approached, as I sat down she suddenly blurted out that we were moving. My heart stopped, everything around m...

by Deepanjan Nidhi
Ranked 7.64

The air was crisp, the snow was wickedly white and I was using my skis to maneuver fast down the mountain. I screamed at the people in the line to look out and they ducked in fear. To my horror, the single skiing clas...

The Hunt to Get water! Course package
by Joe
Ranked 7.62

Khoi skipped joyfully along the path as he enjoyed the tranquility of being in the Australian outback. Khoi was 15 years old and lived in an urban area but enjoyed visiting the outback. This was because he loved being...

Escape Room Catastrophe Course package
by ✦•ღ Ultimate3mily ღ•✦
Ranked 7.5

Leaping out of bed, I forced the door open and rushed immediately to the calendar. And as soon as I saw what day it was, the biggest smile forms on my face. My birthday had finally arrived! My eyes widen as I notice a...

The Cube Competition
by anonymous
Ranked 7.35

The door of the car quickly flew open as I eagerly jumped out, energetically trying to hold in my excitement. Hastily grabbing my plastic cubes I ran into the spacious cube venue scanning the area. After a while of fi...

Wish for Christmas
by Senatsu
Ranked 7.16

Last year for Christmas, Barley's plan went as he desired. He got palatable treats and ran on the field with freedom. The night before Christmas, Barley had his usual dinner and hopped to bed, for a wish to Dog ...

Course package
by Michael Le
Ranked 7.13

I was full of adrenaline as I stepped on to the largest roller coaster I had ever been on. As the coaster went up the track, I could feel my legs shaking. Suddenly, we came sudden stop. As I prepared for the massive d...

Tasha comes to her new home, our old home - We get a puppy for the first time! Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.08

P1 – PERSUADING MY MOTHER P2 – GOING THERE P3 – GETTING MY NEW FIRST EVER PUPPY P4 – THE FIRST DAY AT HER NEW HOME Once again, my mother adamantly shook her head, she did not want a zoo in her household, even o...

A happy memory
by Jeff
Ranked 6.77

My happiest day started when I was guessing where we would go for my birthday. "Inflatable world?" "No." "A maze place?" "Maybe.” This made me believe we were going to a maze place. I looked around the room with widen...

Course package
Ranked 6.74

I was at home drawing a few pictures to show my brother a sister when they were born; I was drawing pictures with all three of us holding hands together. Excitement was bubbling inside my tiny stomach as I kept on ask...

The Happy Snowball Fight Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 6.65

I was intrigued by rivulets of rainwater slithering down the window like great writhing snakes. I watched as a man pulled a rain poncho over his head before stepping outside. The rain soon turned to snow and I decided...

My Birthday! Course package
by ✦•ღ Ultimate3mily ღ•✦
Ranked 6.09

I jump out of bed. Realising what an important day it was. It is my birthday. Rushing outside, I feel the chilly air brush gently against my skin as I grab a party popper from the table and rush back inside. I stand i...

Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.0

In 2015 we decided to move to Australia. It was a long, emotional and most of a exciting journey and it is an extremely happy memory. Our last day in London was a buzz. People coming and going, saying goodbye and wish...

The Happy Memory
by AllienK
Ranked 5.37

Everybody needs a memory or at least a story like mine but I want you to know this story is also just one of my happy memories, so let us begin! That morning I woke up very early because I knew that today I was going...

Going To India 2019
by Sekhar Pachipala
Ranked 5.04

My most happiest memory was when I was unexpectidly going to India in the christman holidays 2019. On november after my birthday I was at school studying and learning to things. I was in Grade 5 that time. Finally at ...

Tree adventure
by anonymous
Ranked 5.02

I was always curious about tree adventure until my parents decided to visit one. Astonished when I arrived. A forest stood in front of me with plenty of wood-made platforms that build on the trees and challenges betwe...

A happy memory Course package
by Yenni

A long time ago, in a very distant place called Brazil, I made my best memory ever. It all started when I was climbing a steep muddy cliff near the Amazon forest. The air was humid and the breeze was warm, the sun bea...

A Perfect Party
by Lena

I was a youngster when I had my first Birthday Party. Several friends came and brought wonderous presents such as dolls, books and playhouses and always had a happy grin plastered on their faces. I was welcoming them...

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