Sample Essays

No Smoking Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 7

Many adults smoke. This is because it is addictive and is hard to resist after your first time. I believe that children under the age of 18 should not be allowed to smoke. This is because of health disadvantages, the ...

Every Person must walk around the Pool
by Emily
Ranked 6

Would you like do drown in the middle of your swimming carnival? No! You would probably like to have your fun and achieve your goals. So, we need to learn the safety of walking around any pool you've been to. Firs...

The Most Important Rule
by Chris
Ranked 6

Rules are always important because they keep the world safe and secure. The most important rule is definitely not hurting each other verbally physically. It makes people feel hurt and they might drop out of school. ...

Rules Writing Club Course package
by Mizuki
Ranked 5

In my opinion I strongly believe that respecting others is the most important rule. It is very easy and you can do it anywhere you go. Sometimes other people can help you when you need help. 1. Some people say that...

Rules should exist. Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 5

Globally, everyone should believe that rules are essential to everyday life. This means that without rules, the world would dissolve into a chaotic, crazy, wild mess! There are a plethora of reasons to support my beli...

My Rule
by Jaswant
Ranked 4

If I could make any rule it would be that everyone gets $100,00 at the age of 18 from the government. The government will take taxes only on people who get 1000,000, a year.Why will this help us well here is my point....

by Splash
Ranked 4

Rules are important because they preserve safety. For example, in a soccer game, there are many rules for safety because when you are playing sports it is most likely to get hurt. Obviously, rules can't prevent all ac...

the q1 holiday
by geetha
Ranked 4

I was having an ordinary morning. I ate my breakfast in peace as soon as I got the news that this day is going to get worse and more boring. My mum said she had to get some supplies from surface paradise, and I h...

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