Sample Essays

The Singing performance.
by Harmily
Ranked 8

Does it always feel this scary before a performance? As I walked onto the huge stage I heard people clapping even though I hadn't sung yet. The light drowned my vision as I looked for the microphone to start singing. ...

Classical Tunes Course package
by Liem
Ranked 7

"Gimme that!" my brother yelled. It was Saturday after lunchtime and me and my brother were fighting for the games controller again. He says that it's his turn to use it from dad, but I said our mum promised I could ...

by KK
Ranked 7

This is it. As I look up at the prestigious building, I wonder why I’m here. I had loved singing since I was three, and now I am at the most famous singing school in the state, The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. B...

by Deetya13
Ranked 7

It was a gloomy day and my mood definitely suited the weather. Rain poured nonstop and the beautiful view usually seen from the upstairs living room was spoilt because the only thing you saw when you looked out the wi...

Music Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 7

Bang! A huge gong had just been banged, and I was right next. I felt dizzy, wobbling on my knees. Mum rushed towards me. She opened her mouth no sound came out. What was happening? What could I do? My eyes grew wide, ...

Melody Haven
by Triple R
Ranked 7.0

In the heart of a bustling city, there existed a small, quaint music shop named "Melody Haven." Tucked away amidst towering buildings, it seemed almost invisible to the hurried passersby. Yet, within its walls, magic ...

Soccer Star
by Jo
Ranked 6

The dark alley covered up the light, shielding my vision The thick raindrops crashed on my back like bullets. My house slowly unravelled itself as I trudged closer. I clicked the freezing button on the right of the do...

by anonymous
Ranked 6

My musician dream comes true by playing Bach's Gavotte solo violin
by Cathy
Ranked 6

Shivers Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6

Shivers is by Ed Sheeran and this song makes me feel really relax. This song is about how someone likes them and they go danicing underneath moonlit stars and when she looks at the person the person shivers.The perso...

by berry
Ranked 5

Last week I was singing to the audience a song that I learned a month ago. When I sang the whole song it made me feel happy. I sang it to over three hundred people . I did it at a place where there was a stage a...

A story about music
by liam
Ranked 5

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Justin who loved music. His dad was a ninja and his mom a famous athlete and musician who knows how to do any piece of music. His brother was a movie star and he was only 10! Hi...

The Queen of Music
by Emily
Ranked 5

I looked up at the bright blue walls, thinking about the hoarse waves crashing against the shore. I was always kind hearted, and nothing could stop my determination to do something. It was still a normal day, where I...

The peace song Course package
by geetha
Ranked 4

The peace song, is so lovely it has a relaxing melody in it. The song had some beautiful sounds of the birds chirping in the morning, that made it sound so beautiful. The song lyrical writer has thought well of how t...

The Singing Sensation Course package
by 😃

As I was heading up onto the stage a wave of fear flowed over me. “Can I do this?” came the negative thought from my mind which wasn’t very helpful. Of course I can! Right? I was blended in a bunch of confusing feelin...

Melody Changes Everything
by chupachups
Ranked 6.0

I had only a few days left before the terrifying exam and I was not willing to take it. I was very terrified of doing tests at the end of term. My therapist mum and businessman dad both tried their very best to comfor...

The Song That Changed My Life
by chupachups
Ranked 6.0

I had been so stressed about my test lately. It always got on my nerves and I was always so worried about it. My mum always tried to comfort me as she was a therapist. My dad was a businessman and my brother was a pro...

Stage Fright
by anonymous

Max felt his knees go weak and his legs begin to shake as he started to sing the first few notes of the melody. But after a while, the music took over and he was completely lost in the moment. As his voice echoed thro...

by anonymous

The sun was shining like thousands of firefly's, and the birds were chirping peacefully. As I arose from my bed I felt different. I checked my tempreture,went to the local doctor and asked my mum what was wrong. The t...

My favourite song Writing Club Free
by Akeek for K
Ranked 2.83

I all started when my parents bought a piano for me because I really liked classical music, some makes me dance and some calms me down. It was an electric one with lots of voices and songs. First of all, I listened to...

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