Sample Essays

What matters… Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.58

The sound of grinding pebbles could be heard as Bobby ran down the gravel road, the wind rushing in his face. The sun was hidden by dark and heavy clouds overhead as little rain droplets started to fall, Bobby was a s...

A lost little girl Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 8.43

Layla’s brown locks of hair gently flew in the wind, the cold breeze rushed down her spine, her nose numb and pink. Her parents waited near the wooden benches. Layla ran as fast as she could to the playground, her fac...

What matters is who we have in our life Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.42

"Shut up!" I trudged along the soggy track behind my sister asking her about everything I saw. She didn't seem to care about the Bluebells and Dung Beetles though and when I jogged up beside her to point out an old, r...

What Matters
by anonymous
Ranked 7.85

Prologue Tom, and his sister Ava, love adventuring and exploring together. On one adventurous day, they got lost and started worrying about getting back safely. They both stick together as they walk along a pathway h...

A memory that's treasured
by NW
Ranked 7.68

A tear welled in my eye as I looked deeper into the faded picture. I deeply regretted taking the photo out but now that it's out, my breath grew shallow. My mind was swirling with horrible ideas so much that I sat dow...

by Senatsu
Ranked 7.52

I swiped my towel against my forehead, wiping my sweat. Next to me, Ella was licking an melting ice-cream, desperately trying to finish it before it would drop onto the ground. It was a hot day and we decided to go ...

what matters is who we have in life
by anonymous
Ranked 7.5

One day two sisters were coming home from school when one of the sisters Margaret took a woolly hat. The hat was black and had crooked yellow stripes with a huge pom-pom on the top but the fur was all messed up look...

The Depths
by koolK
Ranked 7.01

Everyone knows that siblings can be boisterous and annoy each other, but when in need they are always are there for each other. Such was the life for Ava, a kind 14 year old girl of whom everyone adored. She lived...

The Friendship of Joanna and Paul
by anonymous
Ranked 6.79

Paul and Joanna were siblings, one day they decided to go into town to go shopping and buy some bread to help their mother. It was a lovely little town. It was quiet but it still buzzed with life, at least that was wh...

Brother and Sister
Ranked 6.75

Grace, Lucas and their parents were on a private jet in search of a new place to visit during the school holidays. Out of nowhere, the pilot said that the engine had busted and that they were going to crash. Boom! Dus...

Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.59

"Stop playing that silly game!", ordered my sister whose eyebrows were now lowered. "How about your social media stuff!", I shouted in protest. "That's important!", replied my already red sister. I ran out of the hous...

What matters? Course package
by Rekha
Ranked 6.58

We've been running for days, but do not fear We both know the end is near Just open your eyes, For your head is filled with lies, But as long as we're together, We have found our treasure. My eyes were swolle...

What you have and need is important
by Chika
Ranked 6.48

Jonathan, a 10-year old soft and slim just came to Australia due to his father's work situation. His father and mother worked as a accountants and was forced to move to Australia to continue his career as an accounta...

What matters is who we have in our life.
by Kasyful R.
Ranked 6.08

This story is about me finding my annoying brother in a shop On one Friday afternoon, (A day before my brother and I go shopping) my bossy mother told my annoying little brother and me that we had to get some grocer...

What matters is who we have in our life. Writing Club Course package
by Lucky
Ranked 6.0

We like to live our life thinking everything is perfect and no changes are needed. But sometimes there's just nothing we can do if it does. This is how my life changed after a fatal tragedy left my family heartbroken....

Me and my Sister
by AllienK
Ranked 5.78

My sister and I are like best friends we do a lot of things together and we both help each other when one of us is down. My sister may get into fights with me sometimes but we are mostly friends, we may be different a...

Family Bonds
by Happyapple
Ranked 5.23

Blood seeped out of my parched, ivory lips, beseeching for replenishing hydration. I glimpsed around as I observed the winding dirt track which snaked into the lush, emerald rainforest. The kaleidoscopic rays of sunli...

Why we need friends
by anonymous
Ranked 1.0

We need friends all the time. They are the people you can stay with when your family isn't an option. They are people who you can fall back on when you need. They are loyal, social, friendly and can help you along the...

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