Sample Essays

by fummy

Sports activities have great values for general well being of any individual no wonder several sports competitions such as Olympics are observed. Sports competitions are seen as money consuming ventures with littl...

by Mary

There are varying opinions on whether sporting activities like the Olympics competitions bring value or dwindle resources such as money . In my opinion, i believe that such competitions provide enormous value to both ...

Sports Competition
by Jing2

Sports competitions like the Olympics are never a waste of money. Yes, it is true that a host country will be spending a huge amount of money for sports competitions but the end result has a beneficial effect that cou...

by soh

Regarding the the issue of Olympics being waste a waste of money, my opinion is no, it is not a waste of money.And it has many benefits. I believe that it proves to be an amazing source of development , as well as fa...

Open Competition
by Exam Success

We have decided to keep this competition open indefinitely until there are at least 10 entries to rank and at least 5 different writers. When that happens, we will close this competition and then the prize awarded.…

Olympics- Good or Bad? Free Course package
by Jane

The Olympics has been has been a sporting tradition for a long time. From a few thousand years ago to today, we still have those Greek sporting games. But are the Olympics a waste of money, and do they cause more trou...

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