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Local event Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.07

Many people long for the annual Easter parade event while others don't even want it to take place in our area. This event should happen. This is because it will give people more time to spend with their families and f...

Local Event Banned or Not?
by Viana
Ranked 7.96

Local events come and go most of the time, so this brings the question whether local events should be banned. I undoubtedly believe that local events should be banned because its addictive and others might get bored. ...

a local event
by anonymous
Ranked 7.84

There has been a popular local event in this area that has been here for many years and some people don't think it should be held. The local event should be held because it helps the economy in this area and it can ...

by Arturo Garcia
Ranked 7.51

This event has been held in the area and people are wondering whether it should continue. This event should go on! It provides enjoyment and happiness. It also sends the government more money that they can provide t...

Should The Easter Show Go On
by Jaswant
Ranked 7.45

The idea if The 2021 Easter Show should go on was always debatable has now beacome more contriversal. Many people believe that it is a grand, enjoyful event while others opine this. The Easter Show is an incredible sh...

The Failing Fundraiser
by Sylar
Ranked 7.42

Dear Logan City Council, This year some people haven't been wanting the fundraiser to go forward. The fundraiser should go forward because it makes money and it brings the community together. Firstly, the fundra...

A local event
by Nicholas
Ranked 6.92

Every year, thousands of people are attracted to a local event in your area but there are certain people who doesn't want this event to be held. Should it be continued to be held or not? The event should continue. It ...

Why a popular local event should continue to be held.
by Vinh
Ranked 6.88

In my opinion, I think that an event that attracts thousands of visitors each year is an event worth keeping. Having a popular event in a person's local area can be both positive and negative. However, I believe that ...

The local event, should we keep it?
by clxxdie
Ranked 6.86

I think that we should keep the the even because unless there has been some riot or the hate is getting out of hand I think we should keep it. The reason why I think that we should keep it, it because In my opinion...

The council should keep the local event running.
by Eddie
Ranked 6.72

The council should keep the local event running. Firstly, the event could raise a large amount of money, which could possibly help get rid of local problems, such as more water to grow crops for farmers in drought...

Keep the Local event!
by anonymous
Ranked 6.67

In recent years a very little amount of local events have occurred. Increasing the number of local events that are setup will help industries a lot and will attract lots of local sponsors. Big local events can rais...

The Event should Go On!
by Budhi
Ranked 6.3

This local event has to begin and continue. Why? Because this event has been like a tradition going for many years, many people are happy to go there and the popularity of that area will soon start to fall if we close...

by Aarush Dasyam
Ranked 6.08

Popular local events happen every year like festivals. This could be to celebrate an achievement or just to spread some fun for everyone but not everybody enjoys it. Most popular local events lead to vandalism and ove...

Should the Kite Festival be shut down
by Anonymous321

Recently, people have questioned if the Kite Festival should be shut down. The Kite Festival should certainly not be shut down because it is fun for everyone and it is a very rare opportunity to fly a kite out of the ...

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