Sample Essays

The escape of the pigeons
by Jeff
Ranked 8.44

We plummeted down and stole a delicious slice of beautiful mushroom, ham and tomato pizza right from the pizzamaker’s plate. Pigeons love pizza and we enjoyed it very much. Our stomachs were still grumbling, so we swo...

Duck hunting
by Thebrickboyaus
Ranked 8.23

Bang! I trodded through the muddy water towards the fallen bird. The duck was sprawled on the ground, unmoving. I dragged it through the marsh, towards a big trailer on the side of an old, cracked road. I threw the ...

Pidgeon Story
by Kuribo
Ranked 7.83

I woke up to the noise of cars and people rushing off to work. How I envied them. I wished that I could have been born useful, a powerful species like humans. Instead, I was born a rubbish gatherer that could only hop...

Migrating Course package
by Tony
Ranked 7.69

I sat at the very edge of my nest which was only just balancing on the branch as I saw the sun rise as I prepared for the long fly north to escape the winter days. I shivered, it would be my first time ever migrating ...

Breaking away Course package
by Nicholas
Ranked 7.64

I looked up at the sky with a smile on my beak. The flutter of wings and continuous cawing filled my ears, and I stared wondrously above me, thinking what it would be like to finally leave your family and be free. Fly...

the birds
by anonymous
Ranked 7.44

It was 9:00 in the morning the sun was high in the sky and there was not a single puff of cloud in the sky. She quickly went out of bed with a big grin on her face thinking about the things she could do today. Then...

by Charlotte
Ranked 7.32

Sage wakes to the chirping of the hungry birds outside.She yawns and gets out of bed. It is late autumn outside and sage needs to get the birds ready to fly north for winter. She puts on her jacket and beanie and gets...

Bird Bust Course package
by ✦•ღ Ultimate3mily ღ•✦
Ranked 6.84

Stuck in a heavy, metal-wired cage, with thousands of other birds. All of them helplessly screeching for their freedom. I shuffle lazily towards the back, regretting my credulous decisions before I ended up in this ol...

Counting Birds
by jet
Ranked 6.81

This was it. The best day of my life. I was finally going to the beach. Images of waves gently lapping at my ankles and dripping ice cream all over the shoreline swam through my head. As we turned a final corner to ou...

World's most devistating disaster
by Splash
Ranked 6.37

Animals can sense a disaster faster than humans. For example, you might have seen birds fly away just before a storm. I guess these are signs that I should have listened to back in 2030 when our world’s biggest tsunam...

Bird Breakout
by Shriyan
Ranked 6.03

A flock of birds had once been owned by an girl. The woman wasn't an ordinary girl. She was an evil one. She hated the birds and used them for torturing. Everyone thought she was very nice but no one saw the evil insi...

The Attack Course package
by Nick
Ranked 6.02

My name is Maggie magpie and this is the story about the attack that changed my life. It all started when I was just 7. One peaceful day my flock was resting in a tree and the leader of our group was on the lookout...

Breaking Away
by Prasad
Ranked 6.01

My life is as simple as it is. I describe it as a flock of birds breaking away and going on their own pathways. Just like me. Although I had to break away for something else, I had to leave my family and go to War, th...

Breaking Away
by bluesky
Ranked 5.67

"Mom, I'm just going for a walk in the forest" I said hastily. "Okay, sure" Mom replied. With that I ran into the beauty of the palm trees and the lush bushes. Halfway through the forest I saw, held in captive, a ...

The Birdy Breakaway Writing Club Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 5.22

In the land of Australia in the most wild places lives a bird colony. These particular feathered-flyers go by the name of the Loudcry Flock. Currently their king is a kookaburra who is named King Whitefeather. But als...

Breaking Away Writing Club
by Lucky
Ranked 5.06

I fly with my flock proud and majestical as we may be. Other creatures look up at the clean blue sky and strong wings pushing the wind away. But I have always felt something is missing. And I feel stuck and isolated s...

breaking away
by V
Ranked 5.02

As my brother and sisters were next to my parents flying in the gentle breeze , I was falling behind in the flock with the wind thrashing against my wings like the wind was somehow pushing me away from my family. ...

Deserted for Doom
by anonymous
Ranked 4.58

Cascades of heat and light poured relentlessly down onto Cairo's dunes of sand. "No wonder Ra is the most respected god here!" Bountiful beads of sweat trickled down Maurelius' and Raava's bodies, their faces emitting...

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