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by ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ PANDA ☆彡
Ranked 8.95

Recently, scientists have discovered technology that allows them to genetically engineer humans, meaning that they can enhance certain traits such as intelligence. However, some have questioned whether or not it shoul...

Genetic engineering should not be used on humans Course package
by Kurumbi
Ranked 8.67

Genetic engineering is the modification of cells in a living organism. There have been many debates on whether genetic engineering should be used to enhance humans. Genetic modification should not be used on the human...

Genetic Engineering Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.38

With the world's technology getting more advanced everyday, it will not be long until the ability to alter a baby's genes will be available to people at an affordable price. But some scientists have started a debate o...

Genetic Engineering on Humans Is Destructive For Society
by anonymous
Ranked 8.32

In the past, scientists have successfully altered mice, toads and other animals to make them glow or even grow extra organs. Now the big question has come: 'Should we start to modify humans?'. The answer is obviously ...

Genetic engineering on humans should not be allowed Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 8.01

Genetic engineering on humans should not be allowed. Genetic engineering changes DNA of a living thing which changes its traits. However, it should not be implemented on humans as firstly, every person is special and ...

Genetic engineering should be used on humans Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.19

Genetic engineering provides us with the ability to modify genetics. Genetic engineering should be allowed to be used on humans as there are obvious benefits. There include prevention of genetical illnesses and the pr...

Engineering humans
by anonymous
Ranked 7.08

Until modern solutions, genetic engineering was only fictional. Now with this solution, genetic engineering should be used on humans, it can benefit humans, people would not have any age barriers and parents can custo...

Genetic Engineering: A beneficial and chaotic technology
by anonymous
Ranked 7.02

Technology in the modern age have changed rapidly to the point that we as a civilisation advance our knowledge in how the world function. However, scientists take a one step further by not just recording, analysing ou...

Genetic engineering should be used on humans
by anonymous
Ranked 6.75

Many scientists have been recently researching about genetic engineering on humans, it has once again sparked debate. For the many positive reasons, genetic engineering should be used on humans. This is due to the fac...

Genetic Engineering
by anonymous
Ranked 5.09

Genetic engineering does sound pretty cool and all that but it is too dangerous to try on humans. With all the side affects that could happen there is no knowing where this might go. If genetic engineering is tried it...

genetic engineering on humans Course package
by anonymous

Genetic engineering is a way to modify DNA. This can be used on any living thing, including humans. However, this practice should not be done on humans as firstly, it is very unsafe and can cause unwanted illnesses in...

Genetic Engineering And Humans: We should wait
by Thrindu

As the world is consumed by the needs of health and prosperity, we look to new technologically advanced solutions. There are many that we look to. However, the one that seems to stand out is genetic engineering. Genet...

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