Sample Essays

The Tsunami Course package
by Annoymous
Ranked 8.41

Annabel watched as her brothers and sisters splashed in the waves and played in the sand. Her parents were getting fish and chips for lunch and she was left to look after them while she sunbathed. At 12pm she had been...

by Sandra
Ranked 8.29

The sun shone in my eyes as I glared at the sun, my boat creaked while I was paddling to my favourite fishing spot at the beach. Sweat dribbled down my forehead as I waited impatiently to catch a fish. The sky was b...

The Sensational Phenomenon Course package
by suba
Ranked 7.85

The illuminated moon rose beyond the land, enhanced by stars that glimmered like crystals; a serenely lit mirage. Tom keenly steered his car, inclined to meet his most treasured interest. He had been investing to take...

The wrong choice
by Alex Ma
Ranked 7.83

Stepping out of his outdated Volkswagen Beetle, Ricky slammed the door of his rusty vehicle, brushed his wavy, golden surfer hair out of his eyes, and unclipped his weathered surfboard from the roof of his car. It was...

Ranked 7.69

The blazing sun was shining down onto the beach where Kaleb was teaching Tyrone to surf. Kaleb could taste the salty sea on his tongue and could hear the sound of everyone playing gleefully at the beach. Kaleb has bee...

A wave
by ITN
Ranked 7.47

I stomped into my mother’s office and plopped myself down on the bright red couch, with  dust arising from underneath. My mother works at the old swimming centre; however, this was my least favourite place and I would...

by Uma A
Ranked 7.46

The massive aqua waves were frilled with foamy water and they glistened under the hot, blistering sun. I sloped some sunscreen over my body and got my surfboard out of the car. My surfboard had many colourful patterns...

The War, The Flu and The Wave Course package
by Layth Nazha
Ranked 7.34

On the coast of Vietnam was a town called Bulbbery in the time of pandemics and wars, in the time of 1918. The world introduced to a pandemic as they had to face the Spanish flu, yet the world also had to face World W...

The Depths of Eyre Ridge Course package
by SorbetAlly
Ranked 7.29

The airy summer wind breezes past me and the wave, making it hard not to laugh as my surfboard begins to wobble and tip. I don't worry; I'm a professional surfer, participating in surfing competitions countrywide. Sea...

Pup and Turtle Champions Course package
Ranked 7.13

The blazing sun was shining down onto the beach where Tyrone and Kaleb were surfing. Kaleb could taste the salty sea on his tongue and could hear the sound of everyone playing gleefully at the beach. Whilst Tyrone and...

Course package
by Joe
Ranked 7.03

The sun shone in Corona’s eyes, whilst the constant creaking of the fishing rod filled his ears, as he sat in his favourite fishing spot on the beach. Sweat dribbled down his face as Corona waited impatiently to catch...

by anonymous
Ranked 6.76

Wishing I was allowed to surf, I slowly started making an elegant sand castle whilst my brothers were practising their surfing tricks and my dad was fishing. When I had finished, a few hours later, I stepped back and ...

Turbulence Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 6.7

Joe peered at the gathering storm clouds—a foreboding omen. Waves ebbed and flowed, smashing onto the jagged rocks like a battering ram. Joe picked up another can with his tongs and placed it in a hessian bag.. 'One d...

by Sid
Ranked 6.59

I stood in a tiny yacht enjoying the beautiful scenery. I felt like absorbing and taking in all the views before they were gone. I was in the yacht with my friend Tom and we hired it to have a bit of an adventure. Th...

Ocean's Emotion
by Sutha
Ranked 6.48

I was the ocean an I love it when people swam or surfed in me. It tickles a lot but i like making people laugh, as the moon started to rise an the sun disappeared, people started to leave and pack away. As usual i am ...

by anonymous
Ranked 6.47

CRASH! A ginormous turbulence smashed onto the beach like breaking glass turning into hundreds of tiny pieces landing on the beach. This was where I first learnt to surf. I didn't like falling into the sea, which made...

by anonymous2020-1
Ranked 6.46

Hi everyone . I’m pretty sure that most of you know me because unfortunately it’s a well known fact that I’m the one who causes all that drama about one silly thing : turbulence. Yep, that thing where aeroplanes go ov...

Turbulence Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.38

I skipped along the hallways of the school to the drama theatre where the auditions for the wizard of oz were held, as I thought about the auditions a strange feeling in my stomach came. Almost as if a turbulence was ...

by anonymous
Ranked 6.36

Elphin was a joyous silver sardine who swam in the Pacific Ocean with his large school. The water was calm and the coral was shining as bright as ever. The whole school of sardines and Elphin were very hungry so they ...

Turbulence - a wave Course package
by Aimeely
Ranked 5.67

I hate storms, I hate thunder, I hate lightning, I hate wind, I hate rain, I also hate turbulence, I hate planes altogether. But guess what? I'm on a plane, that's going through turbulence and travelling to a place wh...

by j_head
Ranked 5.39

“Amy! Hurry up! We’re going o the beach!” it was my mum. Her voice created an odd ringing in my ears, but it didn’t bother me. We were going to the beach, where there are waves! I love surfing. I love the sense of dan...

by Zack
Ranked 5.35

My body shook as the plane hit yet another spot of turbulence. This was the twelfth time in thirty minutes! I heard a loud 'BANG' and then silence. Someone screamed and that seemed to trigger everyone else. The plane ...

Turbulence Course package
by Yenni

The sea was rocking side to side making it seem that there was a monster underneath. Waves crashed together turning each other into a mist. Winds howled as the waves got bigger and bigger. The dinky fishing boat could...

TSUNAMI MASTER Course package
by ∩ (︶▽︶) ∩

The elemental beasts are getting closer to my home village. Which is causing horrendous a war with WATER (TSUNAMI MASTER), the war is coming ever so closely. My job is to restore the peace. The way I am going to do th...

Course package
by Bryan

I placed my fishing rod in the ocean, enjoying the calm breeze and the view of the turquoise sea, everything got off my mind and I started to relax. Today I even caught more fish with my brother than usual, we took th...

The Foaming Water Course package
by Hcalculator

"Swoosh, swish", the ocean roared, shimmying up to the roots of the golden yellow sand, covering it with a thick layer of seaweed and salt, dressing sandcastles in the most exotic seashells, embroidered with patterns ...

by Harshad

The cruise started fine. Everybody was enjoying the ocean trip and only a few people were seasick. There weren't many waves and so the ferry was going super fast, at 110 km/h! At the hull, it seemed like we were skimm...

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