Sample Essays

The fake ghost and the thieves Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.6

The boy in the box
by anonymous
Ranked 8.18

Ben slowly bent down to the ground as his hands got numb because he picked up a cold figurine from the floor. He always liked playing with toys and one of his favourites was action figures. As Ben slowly gathered a co...

What Can You see?
by Comet
Ranked 8.06

Flower wandered cautiously down the endlessly long road with Rose scampering along beside her. There was not a single sign of life on this road, no houses, no people. This road was known as the "Road to Nowhere" and F...

The Cave
by anonymous
Ranked 8.01

I entered the cave through a small hole in the ground and saw a vast expanse of nothingness. There was nothing growing and nothing that was living for that matter. It was large, dark, and very gloomy, but, it would ...

Down a hole Course package
by ♡✿❤️𝒞ockαtσσ❤️✿♡
Ranked 8.0

I ran over to the swings, jumping on to the seat as I swung high into the air. The wind buffeted my clothes as I went higher and higher. The bright colours of the slides and climbing frames now blurred in front of my ...

I can see a secret
by Reedsong
Ranked 7.76

In the living room, a little girl was playing with a carboard box. A warm ray of sunshine, and the bright soft colors around her wrapped around her like a soft blanket. Her parents were going out tonight and wouldn’t ...

Jeremy's peeking Writing Club Course package
by Akeek for K
Ranked 7.54

Jeremy was a curious person. He always followed his senses. ‘What is in here? What is in there?’ he would ask these questions everyday to annoyed friends and family, but unbeknownst to them, he was asking random peopl...

A robbers days are over with Sarah in town Course package
by Joe
Ranked 7.54

Plot: A robber tries to break into Sarah’s house Paragraph 1: Sarah stayed home by herself Paragraph 2: A thief knocks on the door and starts climbing on the roof Paragraph 3: The thief slowly goes down the chimney...

the big suprise
by anonymous
Ranked 7.28

On Chris's birthday, He had planned it a long time ago that he would go inside a gift box and jump out to sing happy birthday to his mom when his mom would come back from work that night. He also prepared a small pe...

Surrounded with Darkness
by Senatsu
Ranked 7.03

I woke up with a jolt of wriggling fabric on my scrawny face. I was miserable as a prey getting caught. I recalled my last moments when I was attacked by a few white men with a net as if they thought I was a dog. M...

Woken hole Course package
by enthral
Ranked 6.84

I wake up with my eyesight blurry inside a box. What had just happened? Where am I? I kept on asking myself. The only thing I remember is being handed to the orphanage patrol. My brain couldn't think properly. I could...

Thieves Course package
by Tony
Ranked 6.82

It was just going to be another normal day— or so I thought. I woke up in the morning and went to the neighbor’s house to clean their fishes’ bowl and to feed them and I would water their plants and would go back at n...

Force of Imagination
by AllienK
Ranked 6.71

‘The world is small to people that can only go to certain places. It’s like staring out a tiny hole your whole life’, Ben thought one evening while staring out his window. Ben came from a poor family; they could never...

The Stolen Boy
by anonymous
Ranked 6.3

I it was just a normal rainy day. My feet were thumping and pounding the floor, which is probably why I didn't hear the people running from behind me, because the next feeling have is the smell of chloroform preventin...

Home Alone with a Robber Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 6.12

Amelia was a 10 year old girl who was home alone. She had black sparkling eyes which complimented her bedazzling hair. The girl was a stunner. She had a fair skin colour and was the sweetest girl you could have ever m...

The vision Course package
by Aaron
Ranked 5.7

My body was full of ecstasy. I couldn’t wait for the digging competition, wanting to win first prize which was $500, I pounced into the car with my Dad and drove off to the contest. I waited in the car and it seemed l...

by Sutha
Ranked 5.03

The darkness swallowed me and left me freezing in what seemed like a big cardboard box, it was dark, i was in the middle of nowhere and not a single place for help. The last thing i had saw before i was in this situat...

by Justh
Ranked 4.55

"Jerri what is that" whispered Bob. Bob and Jerri were both stuck at a cost co ware house under high security guards. They only came in to purchase a pack of chips.through the small hole, Jerri could see cranes and tr...

Course package
by Bryan

I smiled as the rain stopped; my friends and I could finally play hide-and-seek. We elected the person that would find everyone else as we hid and then John suddenly started to count down. "Twenty, nineteen, eighteen,...

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