Sample Essays

The Broken Pot Course package
by Amul
Ranked 8.08

Catch me if you can! shouted Josh as he started to run around the dining table. Josh and his sister were playing tag, and they were running around the house at lightning speeds. Josh kept running until his sister corn...

Can we fix it!
by HELLO11
Ranked 7.98

As I finished my breakfast, and ran downstairs to find, my brother, jack, with his toolbox. I looked at him with my hands on my face and with a frustrated sigh, I asked, “The last time you tried to fix, something with...

Mom or the cooking machine? Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 5.08

"Alright you two, you better ain't mucking around my new cooking machine". mum hollered about the brand new expensive cooking machine she had saved up for by thousands. Lily and Josh shaked in undoubted assurance, and...

by UAB
Ranked 5.06

The alarm clocks buzzes as Matt hesitantly drags himself out of bed. A mixture between the noisy alarm clock, his parents and the pure confusion one has straight after waking up cause for Matt to slump to the ground. ...

She would never Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 5.05

“Come find me” Jane stared at the printed note, eyes full of grief and unease. Her stomach churned as she looked back to her son, oblivious to what was happening. Jane Heywood was a petite woman, coiled hair as...

Course package
by anonymous

There are a lot of people, who spend practically their whole life online. They find their partner online, get their food online and play games online. well this story is about Nick and me. You see, I'm a gamer and eve...

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