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All That Sparkles...
by anonymous2020-2
Ranked 8.19

Plot: Sam gets hurt by a sparkler, and they have to call an ambulance. Paragraph 1: Sam plays with sparklers. Paragraph 2: He accidentally drops on one himself. Paragraph 3: Sam's family has to call an ambulance, a...

Most luckiest Girl in the World Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 7.88

Sparks flared up into the sky casting beautiful bright fireworks. Loud explosions seemed to be everywhere as well as the laughter of Kayla, one of the newborn twins. Except when it was the last firework dedicated for ...

Matt puts out a heavy fire Course package
by Joe
Ranked 7.84

Plot: Matt dropped the sparkler on a pool of oil, which creates a fire and he get burnt Paragraph 1: Matt played with a sparkle in an abandoned factory that his father owns. Paragraph 2: Matt slipped on a pool of oi...

by anonymous
Ranked 7.73

Racing down the corridor, Lila arrives at the dining table for dinner, quickly slurps her delicious soup and notices an enormous red bucket with a black handle partly concealed behind a single lounge. A merry daughter...

All that sparkles Course package
by 312615🐕‍🦺
Ranked 7.49

P1: girl is bored studying for a test looks around the house P2: finds sparklers P3: drops sparklers on foot: P4: gets hurt. Knows not to play with fire because dangerous 'All that sparkles is so old?' I sighed ...

All that sparkles Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.44

Sam bumbled along after his parents, looking around at all the tall sandstone buildings. It was the 5th day of his holiday and so far, he had gone camel riding, bird watching and made sparklers that lasted up to ten m...

All that sparkles
by anonymous
Ranked 7.43

The sparkler flickered in the dark, as Will stood there alone clueless of where he was. He was outside in the cold air with only one source of light, a sparkler. Fearful, he stared at the horizon as the sun slowly dis...

Diwali - The festival of lights Course package
by Venkat
Ranked 7.4

James glanced nervously at the sky. It was evening time in the busy city of Sydney and it was forecasted to rain soon. James knew that forecasts were sometimes wrong, if at all it rains the joyous festival of Diwali ...

The Lighters - All that sparkles...
by ChrisAcedit!!!
Ranked 7.37

The heavy evening breeze blew past as my scout leader unsympathetically handed me a pair of night sparklers. I could see that the sticks were laughing at me that I could not light them up and I would fail, again. My...

All That Sparkles
by sid
Ranked 7.1

Slowly drifting his eyes open Sam a farmer woke up and looked through his window and sighed, there his crop remains untouched by a single drop of water feeling dead even if alive. Sam stood up feeling gloomy and dull,...

by Mizuki
Ranked 7.0

Crystal lit up the fireworks as the sparks interested her she leaned forward and observed the sparkles, fly in every direction. Her eyes widened and the sparkles amazed her. Mother never let her look into the eyes on ...

The Fire Course package
by Michael Le
Ranked 6.66

It was just a small spark. I remember making a spark, lighting up the matchstick, but I didn’t assume that would set up a fire. I didn’t know that would bring all the chaos it has brought. Now I was running away from ...

Sparklers Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.66

My friends were coming over today for Australia Day and we were all so excited because Mum said we could light sparklers. I saw the clock hit 4 o'clock and I instantly bolted down the dull, grey carpeted stairs and in...

The Sticks of Fire
by Chris
Ranked 6.43

‘Hooray!’ everyone shouted. It was my tenth birthday and stacks of presents were on the table. The candles blew out, and I hit the piñata with my tennis racket afterwards. Everyone was smiling and were playing around....

All That Sparkles Course package
by SorbetAlly
Ranked 5.73

Yesterday felt like a dream. Ava and I had sat on a bench in Skyla Park, devouring cupcakes and ice cream. Skyla Park always had a miraculous fireworks display. Their strips of neon yellow and green mesmerised Ava, es...

Ruby’s Grand Birthday!
by anonymous
Ranked 5.72

It was dead night. The only sound heard was the ticking of the antique clock and crickets chirping as if it was a large cricket band. In thirteen hours, Ruby would turn eleven years old. She knew time would be faster...

Happy New Year
by anonymous
Ranked 4.86

Ring!!!!! Rilley was so shocked that he got a shiver down his spine. The mysterious voice on the phone whispered to Rilley "There is a box outside of your house." Rilley went outside and saw the crystal clear box and ...

sparkle days Course package
by Jatin
Ranked 3.79

There i was, holding a sparkler it looked as if they were mini fire works on sticks, it looked so mesmerizing it looked no harmful to touch i went to touch it then bam! I flung out of the backyard. There was a lighter...

The Light that Deceived Course package
by Starry Eyes

Meera's golden locks were flying to the beat of the undying gusts of wind, as she forcefully hiked up a snow-capped hill, her breath slowing every minute. Finally, she reached her destination, the haunted shipwreck of...

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