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Homeschooling shouldn't be prohibited
by anonymous
Ranked 7

Home Schooling
by Harmily
Ranked 7

Some parents think that home schooling is great because they can spend time with their kids but some people also think that home schooling should be prohibited. It is clear that home schooling should be prohibited bec...

Should home schooling be allowed? Course package
by ???
Ranked 6

Nowadays, lots of students are homeschooling due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We can see a difference between homeschooling and schooling but should homeschooling be allowed even after this dangerous virus? Homeschooling...

Home Schooling Should Be Prohibited Course package
by Emily
Ranked 6

Should home schooling be prohibited? Well, I certainly believe so. Children will not learn enough skills, be shocked about teasing as they grow older, and they will never be social to anyone. Firstly, children wi...

Home Schooling Should Be Allowed Course package
by Donttouchmypad
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Homeschooling should be allowed. This is because someone can study at his or her own pace, homeschooling may provide a higher quality of education, and the student may be in a negative environment at school. Not on...

Should home learning be prohibited
by Anonymous2010
Ranked 6

I debates whether or not home school should be prohibited. I strongly believe that home school should be prohibited. I know that nowadays lots of things are online and the internet is very useful but if school goes ...

Homeschooling should be allowed
by Splash
Ranked 6

There are many important reasons why a student is homeschooled. For example, a student could be homeschooled because their parents might want their child to have a higher quality education. When the child's parents ar...

Home schooling should be prohibited
by anonymous
Ranked 5

Home schooling should be prohibited because it could results in students in same grade’s knowledge level uneven, there’s no systematic teaching method and students’ growing environment needs some setbacks. Firstly,...

Home schooling should be allowed Writing Club
by Akeek for K
Ranked 5.25

Home schooling should be allowed. Parents teaching their own kids is acceptable, because at home, parents can teach their kids at their own level, and they don't have to encounter the stress of driving to school. P...

Home schooling should not be allowed
by anonymous

I personally believe there should be no home schooling. From why there shouldn't to more reasons. To start with, Homeschooling should not be allowed because this way your child can be open to the world and the surr...

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