Sample Essays

Computer, mouse and a tree Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.91

The warm air hit Ian in the face as he opened the door of his house. Scrambling to his bedroom, he rushed in, ready to play with his pet mouse. When he looked at the cage in the corner of his bedroom, his heart froze ...

The mouse Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 8.32

Andy sat on his comfortable gamer chair as he frantically clicked on his computer mouse, desperately trying to beat his friend on a game. He leaned backwards in exhaustion as the screen flashed to signal that he had w...

The tree
by mandarin
Ranked 6.35

Hi! My name is Don but many of you would have known me as agent 101. The thing was I am not like your normal typical mouse, I am an agent and my job is to help protect our environment before it was too late... DING! ...

A computer, a mouse and a tree Writing Club Course package
by Eden
Ranked 4.9

Bright sunshine shone through the gleaming windows and filled our mousehole with light. I was the smallest of them all and had nothing to do while the others went to scavenge for food scraps. It was a bright sunny day...

How I escape the zoo.
by anonymous

I’ve been stuck in this cage ever since I remember. All the people come to seem and go. It's My job I don’t get paid but food is all I need. I share a room or should I say cage with Yasmine and Gil. We have plenty o...

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