Sample Essays

When I Win the Lottery
by anonymous
Ranked 10

When I Win the Lottery P1: Discovers that ‘I’ won the lottery (disbelief) P2: Tells parent about this (excitement) P3: Parents forbid ‘me’ to go; suspicious of text (frustration) P4: Discovers that the ‘lottery’ i...

The old house Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 9

In the neighbourhood, there were little cottages with cute gardens next to large palaces and mansions with pools and fountains. Bob was a boy in one of those mansions and liked going out. He went out to the park every...

A new discovery Course package
by Andy
Ranked 7

As I wake up in my room I realise it is very quiet. Not a sound is to be heard. In a typical morning I wake up from all the noise. I decided to walk outside my bedroom to realise no one was in the house. I shout “Mom!...

The discovery at the beach. Writing Club
by JRRTolkien3
Ranked 7

P1: finds a glass bottle with a map. P2: decides to show it to grandpa P3: finds out what the map says P4: finds the treasure One moment the hot sand bit my ankles as I stood on the shore, the next, the cool...

A magical City of Gold Course package
by Bibi
Ranked 6

One day there was a young kid named Jess. She always believed in myths and legends. She was high spirited but shy and making friends wasn't that easy for her. Like I said before, she believed in myths but her most fav...

The Rat
by anony
Ranked 6

Ring ring! The sound of a bell filled the air as an eager young boy cycled the front basket of his bike filled with three rats. "I'll be sure to get a skateboard if I keep this up!" He gleamed his smile widening the...

the discovery Course package
by Jasdev Singh

"come on Hayden" shouted Kate from outside of the 30 feet high waterfall "just jump!" "i can't" i screamed at her, i looked at the onlookers as they stared and whispered to each other quietly john could just imagin...

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