Sample Essays

The Senses Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.68

Ben’s feet crunched against the thin layer of snow nestled on top of the rocks as he ran across the tundra, passing the occasional fox peeking out through the trees as he ran without a care in the world. He enjoyed th...

Touch Course package
by Tiffany Ma
Ranked 7.68

A girl, Stella, was born prematurely. Her mother passed away during childbirth, which led to many doctors concerning her health. Doctors rushed to run tests on her. Wires, tubes and beeping machines were being connect...

The Wall Course package
by Amul
Ranked 6.98

As we reached the border, the cold air turned my cheeks red, I gazed at the tall wall, blocking my view. I was being separated from my home. I stood in line looking back at the ravaged country that I was abandoning. W...

The wall Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 6.88

Josh climbed out of his large SUV and looked around him at the flowing hills around him. He wiped his face from the rain water that everything around him was covered in. He looked at the long stone wall in front of hi...

Course package
by Millie
Ranked 6.03

As I stared at the wall made of stacks of stones, I noticed the rocks were all different colors. Some were grey, others were black, the one in front of me looked as if it were a bit blue and next to it was a rock that...

Rock ground realisation!
by anonymous
Ranked 4.04

The morning sun arose, as Ben woke up and began getting ready for his seventh interview. He gobbled up his breakfast and dashed past the laundry room to get his ironed clothes from the table. He pulled his tie all the...

Monster maze
by anonymous

Finally, it was my turn I thought as my vision clouded with my frosty breath. I braced myself, the game host shouted. This game was about trying to find a way around a maze while avoiding any 'monsters'. I stepped, my...

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