Sample Essays

The Big Bubble Course package
by Tony
Ranked 8.79

Smiling, I heaved the rods into the air, letting the light breeze blow the bubble for me. The bubble bounced around in the air, before popping and sending a short shower of bubble liquid onto the ground. I always had ...

living in a bubble
by anonymous
Ranked 8.32

Once in a small village, there lived an old bubble artist, called Mr Johnson. He was really good at making bubbles and he could make bubbles into many different shapes and some say he even lived in one bubble for a ...

Living in a bubble
by Comet
Ranked 7.7

The first thing that hit me was the smell. The tantalizing scent of washed up waves and coconuts all rolled into one. I could feel the millions of grains of sand hot against my feet. Slowly, I opened my eyes. The wat...

Living in a Bubble
by anonymous
Ranked 7.46

Big, glistening bubbles floated slowly into the air as Ben watched it, preparing to make another one. Ben occasionally created bubbles along the beach, so today he came to make some. Reaching back with his huge bubble...

Jeffo-virus Outbreak
by Jeff
Ranked 7.34

And now for my next bubble Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.31

As I stared out at all of the kids, waiting for an extravagant set of magic tricks, my heart jumped into my throat as I realised that all I had was bubbles. My debut as a magician didn't look as if it would go to plan...

A Close Call with a Bubble!
by Fletcher Carstens
Ranked 7.22

My was back aching. I was out of breath. My legs were usually as strong as pistons but the bag on my back must have just been too much for them. I Felt a sudden sigh of relief when I had finally made it home. What a l...

Living In A Bubble
by Dheeraj
Ranked 6.61

Nooo! I cried in sorrow, finding out my best and only friend had passed away. I was distraught and heart-broken. How could he leave me like this? I thought wiping a tear off my cheek. I had cried my eyes out. Its b...

by Dazzz
Ranked 6.46

Living in a bubble I woke up one morning to a sight that most kids can only dream of. I pulled off the covers and leapt out of bed, racing to the window to get a closer look at the giant, rippling shape floating ...

My personal bubble
by anonymous
Ranked 5.43

It's been around 29 since my one way trip into isolation .Back in 1991 I untethered my shackles from society. A small black radio incase of emergency. Haven't used it once, so I shelved it collecting dust but the box ...

by MW
Ranked 5.13

The air currents that had been so invisible, intangible, became a pageant of rainbow swirled bubbles. Warm air suddenly gave an unexpected levity to the bubbles in their wingless flight. Lava examined the rainbow-co...

Living In A Bubble
by ᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼
Ranked 5.12

I died by asthma attack, than woke up, reincarnated, as a tiny water molecule, in a bubble. Question: do all people reincarnated? I have no idea what to do or what can I do. All I have are big questions, like will thi...

Living in a bubble.
by Alex
Ranked 5.12

Bruce is a bubble-bee. Bruce was like all other bubble-bees, with his black and sky blue stripes complimenting each other. All bubble-bees live inside a small, rotund bubble that contains the only air they breathe. A ...

Personal Space Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 5.09

My wise grandfather once said to me: 'Everyone lives in a bubble, it is their personal space. But this bubble doesn't float away, it surrounds you.' At that time, I was only about 6 or 7 and didn't pay much heed to th...

Stuck at Home Course package
by Jay
Ranked 5.02

Buckets of water fall down my eyes as my hands are brought together up towards my mum. Thrashing out words I have never dared to say, my mum looked at me with knitted eyebrows along with a big frown. Before long, mum ...

Life in a bubble
by Anonymous2010
Ranked 5.0

George ran down the hill practicing for a bubble contest. He was very excited. The person who made the biggest bubble won 500 dollars. George wanted to buy a laptop which was 500 dollars and so if he won this contest ...

The Bubble Man
by anonymous
Ranked 4.69

When I used to live at Eden there was an old man who made a living by creating giant bubbles. We called him the bubble man. He wore a khaki green vest and an old grey hat which where showing there age. His skin hung s...

Life in a bubble
by Anonymous2010

George ran down the hill practicing for a bubble contest. He was very excited. The person who made the biggest bubble won 500 dollars. George wanted to buy a laptop which was 500 dollars and so if he won this contest ...

A Dip in a Bubble Course package
by anonymous

It was a wet day. Far too wet for even the most simple of activities like a game of tips or I spy. Looking around, it was bare with no trees, no hills or a terrain, which was queer, considering we were in a place call...

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