Sample Essays

Digger at work
by Reedsong
Ranked 9.26

Digger sighed because all he could do in the cramped garage was wait and rust until he was summoned back to work. He longingly remembered a time when his paint was scratched and covered in mud and his treads ached eve...

The Quarry
by anonymous
Ranked 8.35

"But Daaaaaaaaaad, the quarry is sooooooooo boring!" I yelled as Dad dragged me down the path and in to the sandstone quarry. It was the holidays, Mum was working tirelessly at her laptop and Dad was busy bossing peop...

Devepment or disaster
by anonymous
Ranked 7.68

Max sat in the big yellow excavator, the machine harshly digging into the ground. He didn’t exactly enjoy his job of coal mining but kept the occupation. Chunks of big minerals, dirt and rocks flew into the air as the...

A horn saving our lives Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 7.53

The engine roared to life, devouring earth. Greedy, angry, rich men wanting more money. I felt defenseless, the universe against me, punishing me for all my crimes. I was Ava, Queen of the Fairies in the middle of a t...

The Crazy Digger Course package
by EH
Ranked 7.03

It was the day after the horrendous earthquake had occured and the workers had to help clean up. Jason and his team had woken up at the same time as when the birds started to sing and rode their bright yellow and oran...

Gold Mine 34
by Alex
Ranked 6.83

Jackson's heart began to race when he saw the letter with the gold miner seal on the back. Addressed to himself, he assumed the letter would contain a message about his employment. Ripping open the neatly sealed envel...

Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.8

Menacing clouds of volcanic ash and dusty rubble was all that was left of the town of 'Kendrick'. After a stressful week of excavating, they had been finding bodies left and right. The whole experience was traumatisin...

Dig-site Adventure
by anonymous
Ranked 6.56

The drills cut through the ground making loud buzzing noises. Me and my best friend Jake were at a dig site. This is because some very famous archaeologists were here, one of them are Professor RoseBloom. He was the ...

Development Of Disaster
by Mizuki
Ranked 6.46

" Ladies and gentlemen", the radio in Lucy's car was blasting through the neighbourhood on her way home. The government was building a new park for the children by breaking down a forest and creating space. Some peopl...

Fixing The Digger
by Deepanjan Nidhi
Ranked 6.18

Beep beep, sounded the diggers as they picked up the soil. Dave was picking up a lot of rocks in his soil. The site was being cleared so that a new dam could be made because of the drought. The more dams there are, th...

Finding a New Home
by Senatsu
Ranked 6.12

My parents were born in here and so am I. This place was filled with greenery and had been a home for many animals. I usually swished my feathers against the smooth bark and nibbled the tasty worms from the earthy g...

The Development Disaster
by ᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼
Ranked 6.09

"Right now, the federal government is going to start a new, huge construction area, it's going to be a brand new, expensive new city that is going to have a lot of tourist attractions." Reported the news reporter. We ...

Course package
by Michael Le
Ranked 6.09

The new train line was being built in the air. Cranes carried railroad pieces from one place to another. But then I heard a loud crash, I could hear screaming of the workers as a pole snapped leaving the half built tr...

Nature Protection Squad
by AllienK
Ranked 6.08

Hayden sprinted down the passage with his friend Lachie. Their walkie talkies screeched again requesting them both to come to the control room. A flash of light blinded them as they walked into the room, every monitor...

At The Quarry Course package
by Tony
Ranked 5.86

The day, the result and everything was all going to be bad and more likely, a disaster. It was the start of the holidays. If the air conditioning was working, I had a video game and ice-cream, I was all set for the p...

The Disaster Course package
by Kurumbi
Ranked 4.26

I was in my office working until I heard a loud scream. I rapidly ran out of my office to the main room and saw everyone staring at the broken window. An employee ran up to me and told me what happened. Apparently on...

Development or Disaster Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 1.0

A common misunderstanding is between development and disaster. However if you think about a big land where trees have been hammered down and tractors and bulldozers drive everywhere, would you say it is a development,...

The Fun Play disaster
by Anonymous2010

Molly came running to her favourite place. It was just a big whole made with dirt in it but it also had lots of hills and it was a really fun place to go. She and her brother would always love to go to this place so ...

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