Sample Essays

Identity mixup
by anonymous
Ranked 9

Where am I? How did I get here? What am I doing here? A million questions raced in my mind before my eyes fully adjusted to the the dark basement like room. In front of me stood two tall figures,both wearing identical...

The Celebrity Mix-up
by anonymous
Ranked 9

Plan: Characters: Lisa Bethany (Lily's fan) Lily (talented netball player) P1: Paparazzi follows Lisa P2: Lisa lies as paparazzi mistakes her for Lily P3: Lisa decides to tell the paparazzi she isn't Lily. P4: B...

The mix-up Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 7

Rob was a billionaire and lived a good life. He sat in his Mercedes-Benz limousine and was pondering on how the poor and normal people lived as he had inherited most of his money from his father and didn’t work that m...

A mixed up
by anonymous
Ranked 5

Jack had been woken by the alarm clock in the morning. But because he was to sleepy, he gave up the idea of get up and decided continued to sleep. But when he woke up again, he looked at the alarm clock, it was alread...

Course package
by Darshan

"And... that's time!" interrupted the teacher, the timer blaring. Tim jerked awake, breathing rapidly and palms sweaty. He looked around, breathing a sigh of relief to see it was only his alarm clock. He'd slept in. B...

The Mix-Up
by anony

Niel sprinted across the dark, grey field. Gunshots rang in the distance, and missile blasts surrounded him. His vision was blurry, knees feeble, and bag was empty. In the distance, his eyes squinting, he spied a larg...

the mix up Course package
by Arham Islam

As a young child, me and my twin brother loved to play football. We used to go to the local pitch every Saturday to play for our team. During our time playing together, one match stood out to me. On the fifteenth of J...

the baby mix up Course package
by Littlebin

I waited patiently with my baby brother David. We were waiting for our new foster parents. Next to us was my friend from foster school who also had a baby brother. Miss Berry said that someone was taking both of us in...

Late again Course package
by Kai

Bang! He was flying through the air. Thanos was about to snap his fingers when James jumped onto him and pulled the gauntlet off. He was now in control. James started to punch and destroy all the aliens. He turned to ...

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