Sample Essays

Panic at the Airport Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.37

The airport bustled with late backpackers and families huddling together to keep from getting lost. Signs flashed advertising breath mints and neck pillows. I squeezed through a group of tourists pointing at a picture...

The Biggest Tsunami Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 7.91

Mystical Rays was a quiet village near the coastline and it was where no one ever worried about anything bad ever happening. The people who lived there would enjoy sunbaking on the sand feeling the salty water tickle ...

Disrupted announcement
by anonymous
Ranked 7.9

Seb scrambled around his seat excitedly as he heard the huge announcement over the loudspeakers. They were going to announce the winning sports team for the sports cup. Seb always loved sports and athletics, and was r...

An announcement, disrupted
by Abhinav
Ranked 7.77

After a nail-biting wait, finally the results for the 2020 best landscape painting competition were going to be revealed. There were very beautiful and colourful flowers around the sparkling stage where the winner wou...

A Disrupted Announcement Course package
by ♡✿❤️𝒞ockαtσσ❤️✿♡
Ranked 7.58

Mary sat in the classroom, listening intently to the teacher. Her class was working on an important project that would have a large impact on their final school reports. All the students were perked up, showing intere...

The Day of Disruptions! Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.51

Settling into their seats, the council members greeted each other warmly, turned to a fresh page in their notepads, and silenced as the minister walked to the platform. Only the sounds of ruffling of paper could be he...

An Announcement Disrupted Course package
by Kai S
Ranked 7.4

Today was the day, that our usually ever-so-dull principal would make an important announcement about the results for the selective school exam. Nervous chatters echoed through the hallways as I shuffled to my classro...

Graduation night
by Reedsong
Ranked 7.1

The night of graduation ceremony was coming to school and Aisha really wanted to give a speech. Finally, the roles for the big night were being announced. Aisha’s heart skipped a beat, her face lit up with joy. She w...

by Fletcher Carstens
Ranked 6.99

It was assembly day and Okaasan had given me clear instruction regarding my behaviour, when being presented, "Best Soccer Player," for my age for Hiroshima Prefecture. It was 8:10 am now and everyone in the school was...

Disrupted Announcement Writing Club Course package
by Akeek for K
Ranked 6.99

Lucas sighed. The announcement never seemed to end. The old man, the principal, rambling on about how we should be a better person and how we should respect our elders. He would much rather be chatting with his friend...

The School Announcement
by anonymous
Ranked 6.93

Right behind Jason's tail, I jumped at every faint sound made by either Jason or I. Giggling Jason plodded on up the stairs of a building with tape surrounding it saying "Construction Site". Jason was the school bully...

An Announcement, Disrupted
by j_head
Ranked 6.92

I sat expectantly in the middle of the crowd, at a public meeting with the Prime Minister. I was no big fan of him, since I wasn’t interested in politics – I was just a school kid on an excursion learning about politi...

Disrupted Announcement
by AllienK
Ranked 6.89

Briiing! The school’s assembly bell rang as my classmates and I rushed to the school hall for the assembly. I pushed passed a sea of people all trying to get a seat, my friend waved at me saying that he had reserved a...

An announcement disrupted.
by Jessica
Ranked 6.06

"And, finally, today we will be-Argh!" the voice of the principal suddenly cut off, leaving the students bewildered. "Classes dismissed", a new, crisp, cool voice sounded through the megaphone. Students surged out of ...

Blackout Course package
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 5.97

The lights flashed once, and everything became pitch black. The heaters had come to an abrupt stop as if it were a car which had its driver slam down the breaks. Joe shivered in the cold, his teeth chattering both fro...

Murder in the gym.
by anonymous
Ranked 5.0

Sally was sitting in her maths class taking a long boring test. Her teacher was absent today so her class had a CRT, but it wasn’t any CRT it was the meanest most hated CRT in the school! She was wasn’t exactly mean, ...

the indisruption
by anonymous

We were all in the whitewashed assembly listening to the principal's announcement. The principal; Miss Bleak was notorious for her long speeches and the punishment that was set when her precious speech was interrupted...

Only Half Course package
by Tony

I walked away from the security area yanked my suitcase off the bench and dragged it behind me and went off to find my gate. Smiling, I wandered around and had quick glances at shops, knowing that it would be easy to ...

An announcement disrupted Course package
by Yenni

It was a scorching hot summer morning, all the students were gathering up in the hall. I was buzzing with excitement to present my presentation. The teachers demanded children to sit as if they were wild animals. The ...

Course package
by Bryan

The sun took a warm rosy glow as our teacher told us about the science competition. This was my favorite event so I attended immediately; we were told the rules of the competition and were sent notes that we had to br...

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