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Honesty is the best policy Course package
by Kurumbi
Ranked 8.67

As I get ready for the assembly, I ponder on how I should confront my mother. Last night, I accidentally broke her favourite vase. She had a night shift while I was playing on my Playstation until midnight. As I tir...

Honesty is the Best Policy
by MrX
Ranked 8.2

I shoved my threadbare bag into my locker, groping out my phone from the depths of the garbage filled bag and shoved it into my pocket before anyone could see it. Owning a Nokia already made you seem poor, but owning ...

Honesty is the best policy. Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.1

I crouched down and found Emma’s locker and I used my fragile fingers to loosen the metal part and it was off the bag. Although, one part of me felt bad for Emma I still slipped the keychain in my dress pocket because...

The truth Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 8.06

Alice‘s eyes scanned the playground while she trailed her group of friends. Alice was trying to fit in the conversation by talking about the newest trend in shoes but her mind drifted away to the interesting book that...

Honesty is the Best Policy
by anonymous
Ranked 7.84

I settled myself comfortably onto the soft, plump cushions and began to flick through the pages of my favourite picture book. The Reading Corner was the best place to go to unwind and relax during break time. Sud...

Honesty is the best policy
by shion
Ranked 7.74

It was a warm summers afternoon and children were racing out of their classes to the confectionary shop that was already bubbling noise and bustle. Outside the store, staring with saliva drooling from their mouths and...

Honesty Is the Best Policy Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.68

I entered the empty classroom happily; I had been early that morning. The moment I placed my things on my table and turned around, the class dictionary caught my eye and my heart started beating faster excitedly. The ...

The Briefcase
by anonymous
Ranked 6.86

I stuffed my off-brand bag into my locker, grabbing my ancient phone from it. I would gladly swap it out for any smartphone, even one that was limited to only calls, but money was limited in my family. I had to put up...

Honesty is the best policy
by anonymous
Ranked 5.86

The morning sun kissed the sky and gave birth of its light. Tom was still in his night wear, gazing out of the kitchen window deciding on what to draw. Since it was a Sunday, Tom had no school classes and was sketchin...

Honesty is the best policy
by Harsh Sharma
Ranked 5.33

Tick, tock sounded the watch that I placed ever so gently into my pocket. I was in a spectacular shopping mall. On the prosperous side of the city. I was a poorly educated man, living a destitute lifestyle. As for my ...

Honesty is the Best Policy
by MrX
Ranked 5.02

Patrick was surrounded by a mob of people, all eager to see his latest gadget. Every week he brought along a new toy that cost a small fortune and showed it to half the school, while I couldn't afford myself a new pai...

Honesty is the best policy Writing Club Course package
by Eden
Ranked 1.0

Waves of regret and fear rushed through my head as I walked past the school gates. I couldn't get any sleep last night and now my head was spinning. If I hadn't broken the vase with that football none of this would be...

Honesty is the best policy Course package
by 🎸Madalsa 🎶

Tommy the cat curled himself up like a ball on the comfy couch, as he gave himself a stretch and yawned. It was a stormy day after all as he heard the drops of rain pitter patter on the tin roof , and gusts of winds b...

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