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Work Experience
by anonymous
Ranked 8.48

Recently, people have been suggesting that all students in grade five and above should do work experience for one or two weeks every year. This is a great idea for many various reasons. Job experience may assist stude...

Work Experience Course package
by ♡✿❤️𝒞ockαtσσ❤️✿♡
Ranked 8.3

It has been regularly debated on whether work experience should be compulsory for all children in their final two years of school and throughout high school. While many people agree that this is a good idea, others di...

It should be compulsory for students to learn work skills in their final two-years of primary school and throughout high school. Course package
by Cooper
Ranked 7.63

Real work skills are important for students for their future because on the way to success, they will face some problems and they would need to resolve them. Learning real work skills should be compulsory for all stud...

Work Experience
by Kuribo
Ranked 6.07

As we all mature, unless you are a descendant of a rich family, we all have to work, to gain, and to survive in this economical world. Whether it is working in Mc Donald's or an airline, working is very hard. I belie...

Compulsory Work Experience Writing Club Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 5.57

Compulsory work experience has become a widely discussed topic. Clearly, every leans toward the fact that children should go through work experience during their middle and high school years. Firstly, preparing them...

by Bryan

People have been thinking about whether students in students in their final two years of primary school and throughout high school. All students in their final two years of primary school and throughout high school sh...

Work Experience
by Abi

To get a great job, a person needs a helpful work experience. This is why students over the age of 12 should have to complete compulsory work experience for 1-2 weeks per year. This increases the chance of them gettin...

Work Experience is Absolutely Necessary Course package
by VG

Students must get an idea of the real world and what better way to do that than to spend a week or two in a workplace. Doing so has many beneficial factors. They will learn new and important life skills which are vita...

Should work
by JewelJoanna

Work is one of nesscsary items in our society, from ancient times we brought up progessive work that has been evolving today. A work experience may include disadvantages and advantages to our society and the way we se...

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