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by anonymous
Ranked 8.42

Many organizations across the globe, such as the Cancer Council, run partially or mainly on money supplied by donors. Not all donations to causes like the cancer council should be private because making it public allo...

Donations Course package
by ♡✿❤️𝒞ockαtσσ❤️✿♡
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Charities across the world have many people who donate to support the charity and its causes. There has been recent discussion on whether all donations to charity should be private. Not all donations should be private...

All Donations To Charity Should be Private Course package
by Harvey
Ranked 8.16

Many people have created fundraising groups to help save the local life. There is a debate going around about whether or not a donation given to a charity should be public or private. Donations being private benefit o...

by Acedit
Ranked 8.12

Currently, people have a choice as to whether they would like their donation details made private or public. I disagree that donation details should be made private because I think there are some benefits if they are ...

Public donations
by anonymous
Ranked 7.93

Some people, or groups of people donate money to charities. While many people donate money openly, others prefer to privately donate. Donating publicly holds more beneficial aspects for large companies’ income and ima...

Donations to charity Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.81

Donations to charity are kind and much appreciated. Details and information on them however should not be made public. This is because people may just be giving money to charity to be respected and if details of donat...

Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 7.17

There has been a debate on whether people should donate money privately. This should not be the case. People should be allowed to donate publicly. Famous celebrities can make a difference by donating publicly because ...

Writing Club
by Cosmos
Ranked 7.14

Many people donate for fundraisers or other causes. All donation details should be made private. Firstly, people may use donation details to brag. Secondly, certain people may be pointed out. Some donations are hon...

Donations to Charity shoud be made Private!
by ChrisAcedit!!!
Ranked 7.08

Donating to charity had been a highly debated topic for many reasons. Donations to charity should be made private because firstly, people would be sharing their personal information or details to strangers and secon...

Should Details of Donations be Made Private? Course package
by Tony
Ranked 7.06

Some people contribute money to companies and make the details known to the community while others prefer to keep it confidential. However, people are discussing whether specific parts should be made to only be privat...

All donations shouldn’t be private Writing Club Course package
by Akeek for K
Ranked 6.94

Donations are a common thing in today’s society. There are various different companies and charities in which to donate, and many people give their money to the charity. A common thought related to this topic is that ...

Should all donations to charity be made private or public?
by sid
Ranked 6.94

In recent years there has been a debate whether donations should be public or private. It is clear that donating can be really helpful for people who need financial support and help however keeping your donations pu...

by anonymous2020-2
Ranked 6.9

Agree/ Disagree: Agree Stance Sentence: All donations to charity should be made anonymous. Argument 1: It's about the donation, not the donor. Argument 2: People might ask for more money. Counter Argument: Being r...

by Yuna
Ranked 6.82

All donations to charity should be made public so that others can see and try it, and because people who work in charities might see that some people are getting lots, but another might not be getting as much. If p...

by anonymous
Ranked 6.79

There has been an issue whether donating to charity should be private or not. Although some believe that it should not , it is obvious that donating should be private because it can lower people’s wealth profile, prev...

Public Donations
by AllienK
Ranked 6.58

It’s certainly disagreeable that donations should be kept private. Donations should be public because they can encourage to donate, introduce a problem and let people know how fair the donation was. A public donati...

Donations to charity should be made public
by anonymous
Ranked 5.38

Donations to be made public has been a much debated topic. Donations should be made public because firstly if a small charity got donated a large sum of money the charity would be more noticeable, secondly if it were...

Donations should be made public
by Kay
Ranked 4.92

Donations should be made public because of the three following reasons: Firstly, donations should be made public because when you donate publicly you are encouraging others to donate to the same cause. If a celeb...

Charity Should Be Made Private
by Mizuki
Ranked 1.0

People are probably wondering whether all donations to charity should be made private or not. I believe that it is better for people if their donations towards charity is kept private this is because if the charity is...

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