Sample Essays

Course package
by Amul
Ranked 7.58

Alex was going for a stroll around the park, he had just moved into the suburb and wanted to explore the new place. As he followed the path, he saw that the path split into two directions. A sign said the path to the ...

One more turn Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 7.54

Summer stared at the long straight path in front of her, surrounded by rolling hills lined with a dense forest. She looked in the distance and spotted a curl of smoke coming from the chimney of her parent’s small farm...

Around the bend
by E
Ranked 6.91

Light air filled my lungs the sound of flowing water slowly grew distant. For every regretful footstep I took, I reminded my self to never walk this way ever again. I felt a sense of relief as I saw a park up ahead, b...

Around the bend Course package
by Pradheesh
Ranked 6.02

Sara was a mischievous girl who would often visit her favourite place. The riverbank. It was across the neighbourhood so Sara would often go there after school but today she would have to go there quickly because she ...

The Waterfall
by anonymous
Ranked 5.85

I awoke to the sunlight hitting my face. I had planned this day with my friends for months and today was finally the day. My friends and I booked an accommodation near the forest to go on a hike. I thought as I laid i...

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