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Learning from Home Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.56

Schooling from home is sometimes useful for teachers, students and parents, however it should not be allowed unless it is absolutely necessary. Students should not be allowed to complete their schooling virtually. thi...

Course package
by Val
Ranked 8.19

I believe that students should go to school because it will help them become more social and have more friends. Children will be fitter if they go to school because they will move around a lot and always be active. ...

by Vitruvia
Ranked 7.79

Learn from Home
by anonymous
Ranked 7.55

A school has recently been looking into changing their school to permanently learn from home. The school should not change to permanent learning from home because some people may not have a device to do their work on,...

Learn From Home
by Phantom Menace
Ranked 6.38

The school is currently thinking about adding a "Learn From Home" elective , I believe that the school should not do this because the children at home will be disadvantaged in their learning and social contact. The ch...

My school should not provide a “learn from home” option for students.
by Dazzz
Ranked 6.3

Schools should not provide students with the permanent option for virtual schooling from home. Students (whose parents do not homeschool them) need to attend physical school for many different reasons relating to thei...

Students should not be allowed the option of home learning
by Splash
Ranked 6.08

Students shouldn’t have the option to stay home rather than going to school physically. Of course, being able to work at home could be more flexible and easier for the students and the teachers, but there are some dow...

We all should be learning at school! NOT HOME!
by MW
Ranked 5.83

Home and school are two different places. And we don’t know who is in the doors of the houses. The kids can be playing games all day. Meanwhile in school, it is a new world. Made of educational knowledge. Firstly...

Permanent Learning From Home Option Is A Good Thing
by ᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼
Ranked 5.72

Online learning from school is a very good idea, here are really good reasons why. Firstly, someone contracts a virus, like the flu, and he/she can't go to school. There only is one way to still make that student ...

Learning Virtually! Course package
by Jay
Ranked 5.48

In my opinion, I strongly believe that learning virtually is a great way for students to communicate during serious pandemics, makes your devices more convenient and it's also time flexible. Most of us have been th...

Go to school!
by Alex
Ranked 5.34

Education is one of the most important things in the world. And normally, it's done at school. Because of the recent COVID-19 lockdown, most people have been working and schooling at home. But is this the best thing, ...

Homework sucks
by Anonymous321
Ranked 1.0

All the students gathered in the stadium and Mr Marbles stood in front of everyone looking he was going to make a very serious speech. Everyone in the school hated when Mr Marbles is about to make a. Speech because th...

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