Sample Essays

Smoking should be banned worldwide.
by Finn Baron
Ranked 8

Smoking cigarettes should be banned worldwide because it is harmful to people and the environment. because if people stopped smoking the chance of lung cancer and pollution would drop dramatically. It has been giving ...

Bullying must be banned Writing Club Course package
by Akeek
Ranked 8

Bullying is legal but it is very harmful to people and thus should be banned. Bullying can cause people to be sad and is also unfair, however, it is still legal. This needs to change by making bullying illegal. Bul...

Self Harm is Terrible
by Nimy
Ranked 6

There are some people who have negative thoughts in mind. They say they want to end their life either for attention or they are going through a rough time. They harm themselves when they are feeling guilty or when the...

by anony

Harmful habits circulate across the globe like wildfire infecting people, killing people and tearing families apart. These habits accumulate due to their popularity and such examples include drinking, smoking, bullyin...

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