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Children should get a prize for participating
by Splash
Ranked 7

When children enter a tournament, they want to have fun and they are all puffed up but when they lose the tournament, they become very depressed. In order to stop people from being depressed, I think it is vital to gi...

Everyone Shuold Get A Reward For Paticipating Course package
by kaan ozer
Ranked 6

I strongly believe that everyone should get a reward for participating as everyone wants to win. It is unfair that only one person get a prize for winning because everyone participated in the event and worked hard in...

There Shouldn't Be Prizes for Participating
by Donttouchmypad
Ranked 6

P1:they won't try best P2:they did not really earn the award P3:it makes you think that you are doing very well when you don't learn to lose which will always happen with everybody There shouldn't be prizes just ...

Prizes should be given for winning Course package
by Ryan Waller
Ranked 5.5

I think that there should be prizes given for winning but people shouldn’t get awarded for participating. It will let people slack off and not try their hardest and achieve their best. You should be rewarded for t...

There Should be Prizes for Participation
by Chubby Bear
Ranked 5.0

There should be prizes for participating because it would encourage more people to participate. It would reward everyone who participated and make the participants feel better about losing. If there were prizes fo...

There shouldn't be any prizes given for winning but instead, everyone should get awarded for participating. Writing Club
by Akeek for K
Ranked 4.75

There shouldn't be any prizes given for winning but instead, everyone should get awarded for participating, because if the judge makes a mistake on choosing who won, it wouldn't be fair. One example is if someone i...

Prizes don't have to be given for winning.
by Ellen
Ranked 4.25

Prizes don't always need to be given out when someone wins. A prize is an award to be given to a person, a group of people like a sports team, or organization to recognize and reward actions or achievements. Offici...

Should winning not get prizes instead for participating people should get prizes
by Anonymous2010

It debated whether or not winning is worth for any prizes instead for participating you should get prizes. There is no doubt in my opinion that if you win you should be given a prize and if you just participate you sh...

Everyone should get a prize for participating
by anonymous

I strongly believe everyone should get a prize for participating. From why its a good idea to causes of this. Firstly, What if people don't want to do the activity if you say "If u participate you will earn a pri...

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